The Sailor Jerrys

The Sailor Jerrys

 London, England, GBR

We're a rock band with a twist of punk. female vocals and a lot of instrument swapping. We love writing fast paced, epic, passionate songs, amazing riffs and huge drum solos without being over the top (well,maybe a little!) most of all we love jamming together and love the music we play!


We first started out with just Frank, Holly and Tim. We wrote our first song in 30 minutes and still perform it. A week later, Cat joined and brought her epic piano skills and song writing to the band. We gathered up a 25 minute set of originals and covers. Then a few weeks later the final piece of the puzzle Matt joined who partners Frank perfectly with guitar riffs, harmonies and stage performance. Now we can't stop writing songs.
We all have different tastes in music, but bands that we absolutely love are Queens of the stone age and Biffy Clyro. Other influences that creep in are Muse, Placebo, The Cardigans, The Strokes and many more.
The main thing that sets us apart is our instrument swapping. Holly and Cat both share lead vocals without tension and duets but still keeping with the same genre and style of music. Frank Holly and Cat play bass on some songs and Cat plays piano on others. We swap on stage without big gaps, awkwardness or noise, we're very discreet about it and everyone who has seen us live loves it. It gives us a different quirk to other bands, we're visually and musically different in that sense.
But I think one thing that makes us work is how much we all get on. we gel and click perfectly like a puzzle, musically and personally so I think with that passion for each other and music, it create electricity on stage.


Motel Tomb

Written By: Holly Ashe

Taking the wrong route,
Cos I'm in charge, point the barrel, pull the trigger and shoot
Life on the run,
I'll ignore my head, ignore my heart and follow my gun,
Carry my loot,
in my bag, in my bra, in my pockets and in my boots,
This life ain't hard,
got my mind, got my body, got my pistol, send my regards,
And I take my time, with what I wanna do,
Cos a life of crime is something that I've always knew
take your car, take your clothes, take your money who when or why?
I'll steal your soul, steal your wallet, break your heart
And make you mine
Look in my eyes, would I really lie?
Heads in the sky, now your feeling high
The poison stings like fire but I'm still on your mind,
In your room you another victim left in a Motel Tomb
In a motel tomb.
(Verse 2)
Another chase,
change my hair change my name change my story and change my face
A different place
show some thigh, say goodbye, grab his tie, give him a taste,
My great escape
every time, that I try to get a guy they fall in my face
This life ain't hard,
Got my mind, got my body got my pistol send my regards



Drum solo




Motel Tomb- The Sailor Jerrys
Cauliflower fluffy- The Sailor Jerrys
In The Dark- The Sailor Jerrys
It's all Gone- The sailor Jerrys
No Good (Amy Winehouse cover)
Death by Diamonds and Pearls (Band of Skulls cover)
Make it wit Chu (QOTSA cover)

Set List

Motel Tomb
No Contact
Cauliflower Fluffy
No Good
It's all Sung
In the Dark