Saint Francis

Saint Francis


"We Are Here To Be As One"


Macon GA's Scott Baston, former frontman of nationally touring rock band Moonshine Still, has returned to the music scene he left years ago- but this time with some apparently divine guidance. After a decade in the bus, and a handful of successful albums to his credit, Baston decided the rigors of the road and the state of the touring scene had taken it's toll on everything important to him. Now, retooled and reinvigorated, Baston is on a mission. And his new project, Saint Francis, is raising eyebrows Worldwide.
Baston has recruited a potent mix of new talent, creating a new rock-country theatrical crossover that has industry pros buzzing. Mark van Allen, pedal steel master, joins Rackley Davis(drums/vocals), guitar guru Jeremy Johnson (lead guitar/vocals), Carlos Enamorado (bass guitar), and Mason Davis (percussion), to complete an impressive musical collaborative from which Baston can launch. And launch he does, with a solid fuel booster of soaring vocals inside hauntingly beautiful melodies, a recipe that has placed Baston atop the singer/songwriter heap for over a decade.
Now with the fire and spirit of a down home Georgia gospel church on revival Sunday, Baston and Saint Francis are transporting audiences to higher musical planes- baptized in a wave of musical influences on tides that run from blues to bluegrass, rock to reggae, world beats to soulful treats. Through this incredible musical brotherhood; Baston, Saint Francis, and their fans both old and new, are happily floating inside The Bubble again- always reminded by the band's mantra, “We Are Here To Be As One!”


The Bubble

Written By: Scott Baston

You better stand up in the middle of these ages
You better get right with the likes of your soul
Better not take more than you deliver
For the righteous is judged by the eyes of the cold

Time is wasted on the plans for tomorrow
It's the now that you hold in the palm of your hand
One day you are flying free with the birds now
Something strikes you where you stand
Right where you stand

In comes the night
Parade in the lights of the city
Push on through your days
As a lifetime passes you by
Because everyone has their happiness and their sorrows

With the cut of their eyes you can see what their thinking
With the slight of their hands you can enter their mind
In the outside world were alone with the weary
But here in the bubble we are perfectly fine


"One Of Many"
Revolution Radio - Single Release
Macon Georgia - Single Release

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