The Salads

The Salads


Rock, Ska, Reggae FUN! * Sold over 10,000 units independently of FOLD A TO B * 5 music videos available as well as DVD BAND GONE WILD


IAN: They're not gonna release the album because they have decided that the cover is sexist.
NIGEL: Well so what? What's wrong with being sexy? I mean there's no...
IAN: Sex-ist.
DAVID: -ist. More than sexy.

This bit from the cinematic masterpiece This is Spinal Tap reminds me why I love working with The Salads - they're fun, funny, and appreciate David St. Hubbins' definition of sexist.

I first met the band after a gig at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto in 1995. Dave Z's sister Tara suggested I check them out and told the band that I had designed some album covers and might be right for the band. The Horseshoe gig showed me that they had lots of talent, energy, desire and a tremendous (and slightly depraved) sense of humour. With a song like Pee Pee Through My Wee Wee how could you not laugh! We met up and I felt completely at ease with them; I guess the feeling was mutual because they left me at my own devices to come up with a CD design. When it came time to present the “Meanwhile...” CD package to the band I knew that I had given them what they'd been looking for; being partially paid with bags of carrots and onions from the Ziemba farm was an unexpected bonus!

The fall of '98 saw David Summerfeldt depart and the dangerous Mista D arrive to the delight of ladies everywhere. D brought positive energy, tattoos, and lyrical prowess to an already potent band. A new sound ensued and everybody was feeling it when the band emerged from the studio in 2000 with the Who's That? EP and music video (directed by Chinamen). Who's That Kat? got The Salads air and video play and with continuous touring their fan base quickly grew.

The fall of '02 saw them in the studio with Dan Brodbeck to record their second full length CD “Fold A to B”. Around this time Chuck would send me mp3's to have a listen to what they've been up to. Hearing the rough cut of Get Loose literally knocked me on my ass - an undeniable hit and I wasn't alone in my opinion: Get Loose was the highest charting indie single (#9) on Toronto's 102.1 The Edge - ever. No small feat. The video got steady play on MuchMusic and MTV and Fold A to B would produce two more singles: The Roth Kung Fu (props to Diamond Dave) and Unhappy.

Which brings us to the present and the “BAND GONE WILD” DVD. This show from The Opera House really captures The Salads at their best - tight, powerful, fun. Live and Loud is the best way to appreciate this band and they delivered it in spades this night. In addition to the great gig fans get to see these upstanding citizens in their many stages of creative development through photos and rare video footage from the vaults. You get to see some spectacularly dreadful fashion and hair choices made over the years and the great thing about that is you can point and laugh hysterically at them without fear of hurting their feelings! The DVD is the culmination of years of sweating it out in clubs and bars in every part of this glorious country (Canada) and an excellent record of what the band has achieved to this point. It also includes the new single Today is Your Lucky Day.

Stay tuned though - they're just getting warmed up...


Who's That Kat?
The Roth Kung Fu (Radio Airplay)
Unhappy (Radio Airplay)
Today Is Your Lucky Day (Radio Airplay)