The Saltine Ramblers

The Saltine Ramblers


The Ramblers perform their own brand of bizzare Americana, and compliment it with old time fiddle tunes, bluegrass standards and not so standards, rock n' roll, Rio Grande delta blues etc.


The Saltine Ramblers formed in late 2004 in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. Founding members Dave Ivey, Cory Minefee, and Kevin Strange are currently joined by Kevin Jones and "Uncle" James Brown of Hobos In Limbo fame, and the incomparable Dave Payne performing as a mostly acoustic ensemble. The Ramblers find themselves playing a unique style of americana, a style which is completely out of their hands. It is simply the result of being in the same place together. The Saltine Ramblers have been fortunate enough over the years to share the stage with the likes of Tim O'Brien, The Earl Brothers, Acoustic Syndicate, Sharon Gilchrist, The Handsome Family, ThaMuseMeant, The Motet and many more. Our individual influences are as diverse as our individual lives, from Bill Monroe to The Ramones, John Hartford to The Supersuckers, we listen to and learn from all kinds.


The Saltine Ramblers completed their first self released album "Gajos De Manderina" in April '05 and have since created a series of free home recordings for distribution at shows. These include "Salt Trek" and "Friskey" from 2006 and "Warning: The Saltine Ramblers!" from 2007. Ask your favorite Rambler for your complimentary copy today! For booking:

Set List

Our sets are catered to the venue and show we're playing. If we're on our own, we usually play two sets of running a little over an hour each. We often play shows with other bands in the lineup, so we'll do one long set if we're the opener or two shorter ones if we have an opener.