The Saltshakers

The Saltshakers


Big choruses, loud guitars, and energized performances are what makes the Saltshakers one of the most exciting acts today. These songs will stick in your head for days.


Despite the title, the Saltshakers’ new album Lights Out is illuminated with spring-loaded power pop melodies from start to finish. This time, though, the band has a more urgent sound reminiscent of ‘60s garage rock and the punk movement that followed it.

Lights Out is about new love—the period when the flame is strong, but worries over trust and vulnerability threaten to douse it. “It’s too early to tell if we will stand the test of time,” Lead singer Chad Curtis sings on lead track “Please Don’t Walk Away,” but “I think we’re worth the fight.” The battle against insecurity is also waged with lyrics like “Let’s not overthink this” (This World Can Wear Us Down) and “I wanna hear you say ‘Cool it—it’ll be okay’” (Bedhead).

On Ramones-meet-Beach Boys rocker “Holiday,” Curtis sings of breaking big and selling a million records. Despite the song’s ambivalent attitude toward that level of success, Lights Out is a collection of songs that just may take them there.

The Saltshakers formed in the autumn of 2002 as a group of friends that has since grown into a rock’n’roll force, taking the Midwest by storm with their energetic live show. Over their seven years of performing, the group has played with many national acts including Local H, The Redwalls, Heartless Bastards, The Jealous Sound, Limbeck, and Adam Green of the Moldy Peaches.


Lights Out (2009) - LP
Up All Night (2007) - LP
A Beautiful Mess (2004) - EP

Set List

1 Bedhead
3 Don't Make A Sound
4 This World Can Wear Us Down
5 Believe
6 Amplified
7 Holiday
8 Please Don't Walk Away
9 The West Coast
10 Happy Now?