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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"No False Moves Review"

The show opened up with a band I had never heard of, THE SALUTATION (, but boy am I glad I have now. They were dope as hell. From what i gathered about these cats from their performance, they are all business. They were the first act up, early as hell, and were rocking that joint to make sure they left their mark and let you know that who the hell they are!!!! Look, seriously these cats impressed me. They had the typical rock look down to the eyeliner and different color hair tight pants. Sound however was weighted with a very subtle difference. shhhh keep this quiet... its a secret, the drummer (Irish) hits some hip-hop sticking in the midst of the rock guitar riffs.... At least i think so... don't quote me on that. Anywho.... The vocal game is on point as well IX has got the more smooth unique tone that one needs to be different, but Dark Shadow has the heavier more hardcore sound that anchors the rock vibe. Check em out right now!!!! Please don't wait for them to reach MTV fame. SERIOUSLY, Don't be followers, your parents didn't raise you for for that lame ass roll in this film called life. They set the tone for the show!!!! They put the bar in the rafters!!!!
- M.Francis
- Chaplon Clothing


When Different Becomes Dangerous (EP)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Surging onto the Texas music scene in 2007, with their dynamic live performances and hip hop infused synth-driven rock anthems; The Salutation is captivating audiences with their unique approach to modern music. Driven by a collective purpose to positively affect listeners by diminishing social and genre barriers, The Salutation creates a new realm of musical experience defined by epic stage shows and visionary ideals.

Struck with immediate chemistry after meeting through the channels of the Dallas music scene, the band mates IX, DarkShadow, Bionic, Maverick, The Gooch and Irish recognized the power of their vision and delved into a diligent recording process, perfecting their complex tiers of prowling vocals, bouncing rhythms and 80's inspired instrumentation. This time spent in the recording studio enabled The Salutation to seamlessly incorporate a high production value into their live performances. Highlighted with exuberant stage theatrics and undeniable verve, this audio-visual combustion is an essential element of The Salutation's live shows.

Not only did the band hone their performance talents in the studio, they completed a musical manifesto of their common desires, When Different Becomes Dangerous. The freshman EP combines the raw sentiment of rock principles with a modern edge of lavish, synthesized beats while exploring both the potentials and pitfalls of the human experience. When Different Becomes Dangerous draws from the diverse musical influences of The Used, Depeche Mode and Jay-Z. The resulting sound transforms virile imagination into layered songs such as the electro-laced single "Color the Town," a swelling and sonic, high-energy anthem. On "Black Tie Affair," a darker, hypnotic melody, the band explores the theme of social guises. The Salutation's sincerity to connect and transform is consistently revealed throughout the album and their innate ability to disintegrate "the norm" dominates the mood of the EP.

The band's genuine intent to relate to a wide spectrum of listeners is, no doubt, fervently reciprocated by their growing fan base. Along with consistently packed performances throughout Texas, The Salutation was voted by fans to open the 2007 Honda Civic Tour featuring Fall Out Boy and Paul Wall at the Smirnoff Music Center. The band has also appeared on the nationally syndicated Lex and Terry Morning Radio Network. Although, The Salutation has hooked a large number of alternative and experimental rock fans, the band is driven by the challenge of writing music that garners more mass appeal while maintaining its own structure of delicate vengeance. "We believe that, as a people, we can be more than what we are," says DarkShadow. This humble devotion to truth, transcendence and emotional connection is as defining of the band as the eloquent ferocity of their music.

Ancient Taoism principles suggest that multiple flames can burn a more magnificent illumination than just one; flame feeding on flame can create an undeniable and radiant force. The Salutation beckons you to join them and ignite on a journey of combustion and light...

This is +The Salutation+ Generation... Join the Movement