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The Same



The Same formed in Tampa Bay, FL and began making music in early December 2003. They have consistently shocked and astounded audiences show after show since then, with an eclectic combination of incredible guitar riffs, driving indie tunes, flooring drums and heavy bass, and anything else they can possibly throw at the audience. The Same's sound has changed over the years and has now become something that everyone will say is called sludgy stoner-pop-rock. The Same began to win fans of not only many Tampa Bay area scenesters and music enthusiasts, but also countless people across the U.S., thanks to their 2005 and 2006 nation wide summer tours, and their winter tour throughout Florida. The Same consists of Ryan Metcalf (guitar/vocals) and Brian Schanck (bass), Chase Leonard (drums). In spring of 2005 they released their new EP entitled, �Present Time has Past�. Since the EP's release they have played with many exciting and prominent acts such as: TORCHE, Rahim, An Albatross, Medications, Mary Timony, Travis Morrison (ex- D Plan), Battles, Wires on Fire, Action Action, Houston Calls, Hellogoodbye,and Discover America. The Same is guaranteed to turn heads and refresh audiences world wide when given the opportunity.


Years From Now

Written By: The Same

What will happen next? Every man for themselves until this impact brings us all to an end! Bend your mind and do anything you can't do again! Considering things, there is no telling what will happen. Here here, hear it? Here it comes down now! Down, down! Out the midst of the clouds! I'm proud to know I'm here for the end! Straight for us now! Telling us what? No sleep! Head full of gas! Dust! Cannot stop it and there's no telling what will happen!

Your Program

Written By: The Same

Bruised, battered, barter, bargain. Chalk it up, put it in the 401k. You can't live life that way, yeah. Suffice or sacrifice, life is an apparatus. Oh you'll achieve greatness, oh you're destined for fame. Oh what a dissapointment; ten years aflame. Add it up, check and balance, reciprocate differentiate. Spend your savings live your life. No consequences. All rewards. Fame and fortune, wake up! So the dream is better? Now I'm not saying that I want out. No that's a lie said by me. Perhaps we will simply take a break.


"Tic-Tac-Toe" LP 2004

1. Intro
2. The Works
3. Remorse of Course
4. Cherokee
5. Dant do Dant
6. Fastronomical
7. Pretty (Song)
8. Road Rash 3
9. Dan C.
10. Sleeping Standing Up^
11. ?
12. Beginner Section

"Present Time has Past" EP 2005

1. As People Walk By
2. Coincidental Accident
3. Halfway
4. Meeting that turned out like this ...
5. Years From Now
6. Your Program

new full length album coming soon ....

Set List

set time is usually 30-45 minutes and we usually play 7-9 songs. no covers.