The Sanguine

The Sanguine


The Sanguine is a quirky indie rock band from Boston. These songs are a reflection of the way New England feels. With changing weather comes manic shifts in mood and a hunger to emote.


A Bear is a beast. A Bear will kill you. A Bear is feminine. A Bear is an obstacle in the American journey. It is for these attributes that The Sanguine titled their first full-length record, and a portion of their lives; Bear. These are songs about the people that we know and how they interacted with the environment that they were blessed with, specifically the cold and harsh New England landscape.
In the fall of 2005, with a variety of lineup changes and typical indie rock band drama The Sanguine reemerged with a new sound, and a new take on the template of the New England experience. The Sanguine shed the constraints of slow core and understated production. The new Sanguine was fast, danceable, and rough. This new era has been compared to the early works of Modest Mouse, Cursive, and Karate.
In a time when the internet allows for any band to present themselves as if they are seasoned in rock and roll, The Sanguine takes pride in a true DIY route. This band plays its best in dirty basements, illegal art spaces, and VFW halls. This is where young, excited and emotionally responsive people can appreciate a band like The Sanguine. The New wave of rock and roll will no longer take place in expensive cities and huge clubs, but rather in forgotten suburbs where people are still hungry for something real.


Let It Go/ Self Released Fall 2006
Bear- Full Length / Ramen Factory Records 2006
The Virginity EP / Self Released 2004
Winter Recordings EP/ Self Released 2003

Set List

a calm i feel in pavement/ let it go
equal counterpoint /let it go
the gloves /let it go
trembling hands / unreleased
the mannequin/ Bear
my august nights/ let it go
the mapmaker/ unreleased
time of the season- the zombies