Kelly Coyne

Kelly Coyne

 Medina, Ohio, USA
BandCountryHip Hop

Myself, I am quite authentic, one of a kind. I love to write with a vivid, unique and expressive writing style, which I like to entwine in a rich brilliant melodies! This is the way I love my music. I write of love, life, nature, family and friends as I see it happening.


Someone asked me something a while ago and inspiration every day to do what you do? It's hard some days, I don't have inspiration, Honestly. Most days, being on Karaoke or alone in a room or just about anywhere, talking to a friend on the phone who keeps on telling me I have to do this for me. I love singing and my influences have to be Hank Williams Jr., Hank is the Man, he has a way with words that really inspire me alot, he is just so awesome and than some also loveable Kenny Chesney, as well as Kid Rock, Toby Keith, Uncle Kracker, Alabama, Metallica, David Allen Coe, Pennywise, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Judas Priest, Pentagram, Van Halen, Steppenwolf, Bamaboys, Finntroll, Shadows Fall, Korn, Iron Maiden, Lacuna Coil, Helloween, Charlie Daniels Band, Neil Young, Cinderella, Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Big & Rich, Hank Williams, Lynryd Skyryrd, Led Zeppelin, Alan Jackson, Nickleback, Pink Floyd, lots more I just can't keep one in my mind and think of many songs that I have sung over the years while the radio or a cd is playing. I am me and that's all it counts on what I want to do and I love making all kinds of people happy, sad or laughing. I enjoy watching people's expressions on my songs or lyrics. I named my band because of what I am into and thats all about me isn't? No one else is helping me other than friends who have gave me pointers on what to do weather its bad or good or pro or con. I love this expolsion.


Blue's Woman

Written By: Kelly Coyne

I'm just a singer
With a broken down record
A natural born killer
Kind of an old clinger
to sad old songs

I'm riding my harley
against the wind and
I'm just a new player
But my name is well known
of this blues woman that's already gone
So, I started killin'
And took things that would mess up my thinking
I was wanted in every state
then you came along
I was not alone in the spotlight
Not too much left in sight
And she changed all that
in one night

Hey honey, I love you
Hey honey, I need you
Hey honey, you ain't gotta run away from me

You not wasted so much of your life
running through every town in sight
Let me shine some love light
Down on a blues woman

I got so sick looking for you
And all this stuff they said I was needin'
If I was to keep dreaming of you

I got cuffed without dirt roads
and I got sued for not being here for you
But you came along and
took all that dreaming on this blues woman

Hey honey, I love you too
but I know I can't have you
Hey honey, I do get tired of this traveling around

I'm forty eight years old now
nights would be cooler now
If you wouldn't of stuck me in the jaw
with this blues woman