The Saps

The Saps


The Saps live show is equally pleasing to the ear and damaging to the liver.


The Saps take whatever they want, and baby, they want you. In a world overflowing with bands begging for that next level of success, The Saps have sidestepped the groveling stage and proceeded directly to the main stage. As one of Chicago’s best live acts prepares to take the rest of the world by storm with their second full-length album C’mon Already, Start A Fire, you can call The Saps ambitious; you can call The Saps audacious; and you can call The Saps the 6th best rock n roll band in the world.

On the heels of The Saps’ decidedly country-punk first album Finally, A Band You Can Trust, The Saps have taken a new direction with C’mon Already Start A Fire. With ten songs clocking in at a combined thirty minutes, C’mon Already, Start A Fire is a pop rock masterpiece overflowing with clever lyrics, bittersweet melodies, and unforgettable hooks. Upon first listen, you will fall in love with The Saps and great songs like Coup de Grace, Making Connections, and Broke My Spine. Scheduled for physical release through Carrot Top Distribution and a full-scale digital release through The Orchard on March 27, 2007 with a national tour to follow, C’mon Already, Start A Fire and The Saps will be coming to a town near you.

As early as 2000, The Saps established themselves as heavyweights of the Chicago live scene with reckless performances, inspiring endless thrashing, breakneck-pace drinking, and roaring laugher all at the same time. Lead singer and songwriter Dan Lastick is the ringleader of this sauced debauchery, adopting foot-on-monitor rock regality just as gracefully as he makes up gibberish when he forgets the bridge. Dan Menoni adds a roaring fire and brimstone of guitars, while bassist Dan Padgett and drummer Ryan Whitacre anchor The Saps to the stage.

Following the release of The Saps’ first full-length effort Finally, A Band You Can Trust in 2003, The Saps broadened their fanbase by playing great shows with the likes of Jet, Th’ Legendary Shackshakers, Robbie Fulks, and The Tossers. At the same time, The Saps expanded their regular touring radius to include most of the Midwest, making regular stops in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Knoxville, Kalamazoo, and you get the picture. With a loyal Midwestern following in tact, The Saps have begun to place a more national emphasis on touring, making their first appearance at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City in 2006.

With the upcoming release of C’mon Already, Start A Fire, The Saps are positioned with knees bent at the edge of the nation’s diving board, ready to cannonball their way into the hearts of fans across the country. As they begin an aggressive national radio and media campaign and prepare for a national tour, The Saps are ready to take what they want.


Broke My Spine

Written By: The Saps

“Broke My Spine”
Lyrics by Dan Lastick

I’ll change my eyes
I know you’ll see me

I’ll put on my yellow shirt
Spike your drink with all that flirts
My new blue jeans were so tight that they hurt

I’ll change my crowd
I know you’ll fit me

You’ll say jump, I’ll say how high
I did tricks as you walked by
I rocked so hard, I nearly broke my spine

And I nearly broke my spine last night
And I nearly broke my spine last night

I’ll change my pants
I know that you’ll fit me

Everybody gather round
Every state and every town
Listen close and you’ll hear me let you down now

And I nearly broke my spine last night

And I nearly broke my spine
And I nearly broke my spine
And I nearly broke my spine last night


Undesireable EP (2001)
The Dirty EP (2002)
Finally, A Band You Can Trust (2003)
1...2...3...Drink! (2004)
Progress Report EP (2006)
C'mon Already - Start A Fire (2007)

Set List

95% original material that can vary in length from 45 minutes to 4 hours.