The Sass

The Sass


The Sass' music is a mix of mid-90s style alternative-rock updated with a modern indie-punk edge, with influences from their previous more punk-emo style. Their debut album “Bleach Blonde” hops from thick, heavy rock to slow and ambient; but it all fits well together.


The Sass
"Bleach Blonde" (their one hour long debut album on Right Eye Records)
Alt-Indie-Rock from Columbus, Ohio
Key Tracks (in order): 6 (Fractions), 9 (Goodbye Moon), 3 (In English Please), 2 (They Called Him...Mr. Big Campus)
RIYL: Weezer, Brand New, The Pixies, Hot Hot Heat, and Nada Surf | | |

The Sass has been in existence since 2002, but under another name up until this album, and even won the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch’s (the main newspaper) Battle of the Bands competition in 2003. By now, The Sass is considered one of the upcoming bands in the Columbus scene with longevity, evidenced by appearances at just about every venue, including the (big ones) Newport and PromoWest Pavilion.

The band completed full east, west, and midwest coast tours in the Summer of 2005 and has toured the South and Mid-West a number of times in the past. They opened for Phantom Planet at a festival in Connecticut in September 2005 and shot a professional style music video for “Fractions”. They have done and may be doing some more Spring touring and/or shows with LA rock bands The Hanks, Darci Cash, and Jupiter Sunrise. They are steadily building a devoted a fanbase around the country with their unique sound and amazing live show.

The Sass is doing a national tour from late January to late Spring 2006 and they will be doing some Warped dates and touring the rest of the summer.

"Bleach Blonde" is a mix of mid-90's style rock with pop leanings and a strong dose of alternative-indie rock, with influences from their previous more punk-emo style. The album hops from thick, heavy rock songs to slow, ambient, yet catchy, indie-rock tunes, but it all fits well together as one cohesive experience of an album.

The album was recorded at Workbook Studio (one of the best in Columbus) and was mastered by Alan Douches of West West Side Music. The album is designed to bring back memories of the awesome alternative rock bands of the mid-90s bands, but update the style with a modern progressive edge. Each song has a different, unique character with equally catchy parts and interesting progressions. The Sass wants to redefine the box that rock music is supposed to fit into and find a home with listeners of all different types of genres. The Sass is young, vibrant, hardworking, and wants to make a positive impact on the music world in the coming years.

DIY PROMO: 5,000 full color postcards, 1,000 full color tour posters, word-of-mouth promo, Right Eye email list (2,300+ people), myspace and purevolume pages, +more
REVIEWS: 50+ copies mailed to websites, magazines, and zines for review (and to create interest)
ONLINE: A pure pick on purevolume, future ads on/in, alternative press, (already done once), and other zines and websites
RADIO: A full college (and indie) radio campaign planned for Spring 2006; play on several Columbus stations (inc. CD101); about 15 college stations have it now
VIDEO: A campaign is planned for their music video for "Fractions" in Spring 2006 that will service 60+ big and small TV stations and media outlets


Goodbye Moon

Written By: The Sass (N. Manos)

goodbye moon, hello sun, im so glad you came back, despite how everyone uses you UV light to tan their bodies untill they're no longer white, it makes me so sick it chills my bones while im watching and waiting for everyone to go home (chorus) its too late for you to start to hate everything that you've become, post script i hope it was worth it when your standing alone at the pearly gates, and st. peter says "i dont see your name"... so it looks like your going out at adverse conditons at best and even hoodini could not see what i thought that i would never see, so stop it stop it now before i get bored, and got back to you like the shieth to the sword, new wave, no wave, how wave can you be? when your already the toast of the town...a white skirt, skin; golden brown...
theres only one way to skin a cat like you its with rap and r&b not jazz and blues, cause you cant bump in grind like i know you like to do, with louie armstrong or led belly blues, and im breathless as the photos unfold on my 366 and now i sing a new song, reporting on the ways of things that hurt the most and never seem to go away, this what we call love?


Written By: N. Manos

The setting's a steakhouse with memorabilia covering the walls, when I heard a waitress say “I think its somebody’s birthday!” just then a flush of red swept of the pale faced excuse for a... as she fled, her parents shook their heads and said “where did we go wrong?” (chorus) Just don’t take a life right from the shelf, then plagiarize verbatim, don’t copy me when I’m dead, I want every penny of every royalty to go to one I love. She slams the door, no time for her seatbelt, her 2002 sunfires’ fast but it won’t help, take her where she needs to go, which is back in time to the place where she changed her life, got kicked out of her home for a lowered back tattoo.

And They Called Him...Mr. Big Campus

Written By: N. Manos

You said you stopped drinking pop, so you just drink liquor until your heart stops Thinking of another while you’re doing others, history repeats itself once again…
I remember you were my friend once, But now things are different, haven’t seen you in months and that’s not alright. Black out in the middle of the street, take out every drunken sorority girl that you meet, well know this, big campus Won’t impress me at all I’ve learned my lesson. Well I’m that much of a cynic but I’m still a critic of everything and everyone, So please take this with cheek and tongue, you’re a waste of time and space and eventually you’re going down in flames, history repeats itself once again…


"Bleach Blonde" LP came out July 26th, 2005 on Right Eye Records (we are doing a college radio campaign for this album, have already received some play). The album was re-pressed and re-released with updated graphics and lyrics in Feb. 2006. Past releases: "The Neopolitan EP" (featuring unreleased songs - a limited edition tour EP, released June 2005).

Set List

The set is usually around 30 minutes; songs are about 4-5 minutes long; usually play 6 songs and do some engaging talking; no covers.