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The Satanic Bat

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Satanic Bat was formed by Serbian immigrant triplet circus performers Crumcof, Janus, and Miroslav Dragan, who, prior to their career in music, were nationally known as the Flying Dragan Brothers. Crumcof, a skilled highwire acrobat, Janus a fire breather, and Miroslav a trapeze performer.
The brothers were abandoned by their parents during childhood and raised by a clan of Gypsies in the plains of New Mexico. Soon, the young men grew accustomed to their traditions, traveling town to town performing with the circus to help support the hoarde.

One day during the local hops harvest, as the Dragans tell it, they encountered a mysterious van looming in the shadows near an old burned-out hops silo. A strange figure, described as a "half-bat, half-human, half-demon" leered at them with "a strange fire in his eyes". They have little recollection of anything else afterwards.

What really happened to the boys that day is only speculated upon through the folk stories of the nomadic villagers that have known the Dragans their entire lives. Some say they were accosted by Satan himself, others think the Dragan brothers work for a mysterious creature, a lesser known, yet no less evil cohort of Satan, a figure known as the Ale Gypsy. A mythical bat-like demon creature of Serbian-American folklore, the Ale Gypsy is thought to appear in the hops fields in the days just prior to harvest time.

Unlike many figures of lore, the Ale Gypsy does not come to bless the harvest or to act as some omen of prosperity for the year to come. His job is to curse the village and steal bushels of hops for use in the devil's ale brewing activities, quickly returning to hell.

All that is really known for sure is that now, some 15 years later, SATANIC BAT modestly travels the country playing a strange mixture of gloomy riff-laden rock, spreading their evil message of Satanism, Cannibus, and sheer doom. It is by no coincidence that their touring itinerary coincides precisely with the schedule of the traveling carnival for which they still perform daily.