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"Innocence Is Running Out"

Reviewed: 27 September 2006
Review by: Ivana Grant

If you liked Faith No Mores “King for a day” and 90’s Foo Fighters, The Satellite Nation's debut album "Innocence Is Running Out", belongs on your rack.

“Friends are Enemies” stands out as a good time pop song, but I think The Satellite Nation's exploration in “See this world you made” makes me aware of the great vocal production ideas sprinkled through the album.

The album carries a very strong American influence, expensive sounding production, great play and killer artwork, making "Innocence is Running Out" a world class release… that said, I hope the marketing team are as good as the sound engineer". -

"Wake The Silent Day"

Reviewed: 27 October 2005

"Wake the Silent Day" is one of the best EPs in the genre. The Satellite Nation are on their way to doing great things for both themselves and Australian Music, well done gentlemen" - Blunt Magazine

"Innocence Is Running Out Review"

Reviewed: 27 October 2007

"Innocence Is Running Out is the debut album from Australian band The Satellite Nation and it's a gargantuan effort. From the first notes it's apparent that this is an album that abounds in influences, but layered in such a way so as to not mimic any of those influences. In fact, it's hard to actually pick out any one particular style, as they are transitory and combined in their use. This fact makes The Satellite Nation a band that is impossible to box into any one particular style or sound. On Innocence Is Running Out there are sounds and tools from Aussie rock, pop, big American emo, grunge, punk, new wave, indie and many more which combine to give this band a sound and style all of their own. It is hard, however, to make a comparison of their sound to any one band, as it would not give a complete picture; indeed, they combine genres that well that they are probably equally as welcome onstage on an emo, punk, rock or even a metal line-up. In fact their gigs with so many varied bands, from The Butterfly Effect to The Living End and everyone in between, prove just that. Throughout the 12 songs, the guitars change from traditional rock, emo and punk sounds to chorused and sometimes acoustic sounds, lending themselves perfectly to the rise and fall of the melodies. The vocals range from floating, warm harmonies to soaring emotional outpouring giving the whole album an extremely 'big' feeling. " - Beat Magazine

"Live Review - Spectrum Sydney"

Reviewed: 10 October 2006

For only ten bucks, this gig proved to be a winner, and an insight into where Australian rock should be heading. Melbourne band, Forgetting Yesterday, kicked off the night and played a brief, though incredible, set. They've got an original sound and are incomparable to any other rock act around. However, subtle references of influences are reflected through their tunes from time to time. Possessing immense talent, these guys are bound to stick around, and have no doubt grounded themselves for a long journey ahead. A climatic end drew a commendable but humble crowd and certainly a few extra fans. To break up the rocking ambience, a couple of drunken chicks provided their own version of intermission with some light entertainment in the form of slurred words, giggles and a whole lot of staggering. The Satellite Nation took to the stage and the drunken rendezvous was forgotten about. They controlled the audience without hesitation and attentive fans were disposed with anticipation. The boys sampled tracks from their new album 'Innocence Is Running Out' and unleashed some crackers like 'Start the Year' (which recently debuted at #30 on Triple J's Net 50) and 'See This World You Made.' Finger-tapping to the crowd and sharing the mic were a few things that the Central Coast band weren't afraid to show off. The Satellite Nation showed the path of future Aussie rock and what is to become of the new generation. And, it wasn't bad. They are unique and definitely heading for greater things. - Media Search


The Satellite Nation EP
FireWire Music Company 2008

1. Street Parades
2. Last Time
3. Liars and Thieves
4. Letting Go
5. Something I Can Do



Hailing from the stunning beaches of The Central Coast, just out of Sydney Australia, The Satellite Nation consist of childhood friends, drawn together by their love and music and adventure.

Formed in 2007, The Satellite Nation are no strangers to the music industry. They're all experienced musicians who’s past incarnations have released several critically acclaimed and commercially successful records, toured relentlessly, building a killer live show, received high rotation on radio and won numerous awards, guaranteeing their place in the Australian Music Scene. They formed TSN as a dedicated musical collective determined to branch out into the international music scene and explore songwriting from a different and unique perspective.

The Satellite Nation are committed to their art, both as musicians and songwriters. It is this commitment that has seen them travel across the world in search of inspiration and excellence, leaving the safety of their home turf and relocating to Vancouver, Canada in mid 2007. Since that time, they have written over 2 albums worth of material, recorded their new self titled EP in Los Angeles, filmed a music video out in Joshua Tree for the first single 'Last Time' and played sell out shows in Vancouver, Toronto, New York and LA, which has all lead to The Satellite Nation quickly building an exciting buzz and a devoted fan base.

In June 2008, The Satellite nation signed with Australia's prestigious Premier Harbor Agency. They will be touring Australia later in 2008 to promote their debut release through MGM.

They have also been recently been featured on both Big Brother and Bondi Rescue in Australia.

With an upcoming North American tour, headlining performances at music festivals as well as growing radio support, The Satellite Nation has no intention of slowing down. Watch for the sparks to fly!