The Saturday Nights

The Saturday Nights


The Saturday Nights are a group of indie-guitar rockers from Chicago. Think: Burning!


The Saturday Nights are nocturnal fuzzmongers and classic pop merchants, not quite living in the present day. Paul Foreman and Finn Swingley are the founding members. Paul is a decent sort of guy with a minor gear obsession. Stop by his place. He will make you a Manhattan. Careful, there’s a lot of booze in it. Finn Swingley is the skinniest one. Whilst being driven to rehearsal, he enjoys adding harmonies to whatever is playing on the classic rock station. Somehow, Brian Goodheart defies most bassist stereotypes. Play him a chord and he'll tell you how to diminish it. He wears a disguise consisting of a beard and eyeglasses. Meanwhile, Joe Daley sits in the back of the room. He thinks the mix sounds pretty good. Why then, does he continually ask for more drums?


Single 7" - Rabid Wolves b/w System of Control/ 2007 (August)
Musical Family Tree - Delicious Berries (Comp. CD) - Ghosts/ 2006
Single 7" - Stranded b/w Julianna Convince Me / 2005
LP - Queenslandicus / 2006 (radio airplay including WXRT in Chicago and

Set List

1. Crafty Devil
2. Catacombs
3. Fire in the Hearth
4. Ghosts
5. Julianna
6. Stranded
7. There is a Sign
8. Change My Mind
9. Grandville Station

Our set is never over 45 minutes long.