The Saturn 5

The Saturn 5

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Rock N’ Roll. It’s more than just a label, and more than just a style of music. Rock N’ Roll is a way of life, an attitude, an unwillingness to play it safe. Few bands, as of late, have truly captured that essence of what is truly Rock N’ Roll. The Saturn 5, however, are one of those few. Early 2009 two brothers, guitarists’ Andy and Michael Greenway shared a vision, one that would not become fully realized until the introduction of lead singer Jeff Dean, of creating a band with a sound and an attitude that once again captured the spirit of true rock n’ roll. “We (Andy & Michael) had spent years in separate bands before talking and forming The Saturn 5” says Andy, “And the one thing we had noticed playing the local circuit, almost all the acts we played with, they were trying to bring what they thought everybody wanted to see and hear, they were playing it safe. That played an integral influence in developing the sound, and the mentality, that is The Saturn 5. No one, that we saw, was dangerous. It all sounded the same. And we knew we had to do something different.” Drawing on old school influences such as The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and The Doors, The Saturn 5 brings a back-to-the-basics sound forgoing any modern electronics or technological gimmickry so prevalent in current popular groups. “We’re just 2 guitars, bass, drums, and vocals” quips Michael, “No sequencing, no pre-recorded tracks. That stuff has become such a crutch for so many of the popular performer’s out there. We set out there, five guys that every single note you hear you see us play, every single note you hear us sing you see us belt it out.” Debuting to a packed house at The Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta, GA opening for Irish rock n’ roll group The Answer in October 2009, The Saturn 5 has begun their trek towards world domination and show no signs of relenting off their path anytime soon.


Love, Hate, Rebirth EP - 2010