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The best kept secret in music


The best-known musician of the new Dutch band The Saturnine must be Dennis Leeflang, who, until recently, handled the drumsticks with Sun Caged. 'Within Without' has been recorded at the famous Excess Studio in Rotterdam and the band ended up with a pretty fine sounding demo. The most important traits of the 4 recorded songs are emotion, atmosphere, intensity and subtlety. The musical direction that is the Saturnine's objective is the domain of the likes of A Perfect Circle, the modern Anathema and The Gathering. These Dutchmen try to put their own twist on this alternative rock section and according to me they are definitely on the right track; the vocals are convincing, beautiful melody-lines are present, the emotion is tangable, the songs 'rock' and there's musicianship. After some more evolution the Saturnine could definitely be one to stay around.
Liselotte Hegt - Aardschok magazine (NL)

When I held the nice promo by THE SATURNINE in my hands, I could have sworn that the band already had a record deal, as the EP „Within Without“ is made up quite professionally optically. But a label is missing here. The five-piece from the Netherlands, that was formed in 2003, is still walking on underground paths. However the musicians were already active in other Dutch bands such as WITHIN TEMPTATION (!), SUN CAGED, DAEONIA and MANIFEST. Musically they move on the trails of NICKELBACK, CREED or ALICE IN CHAINS, that is Alternative music with a slight Metal touch and a pinch of melancholy. All of the four songs of the EP are quite well-done, and especially “Living Less” and “The Alice Inn” (an allusion to ALICE IN CHAINS maybe???) stick to your ear. The compositions don’t reach the status of CREED or ALICE…, but yet the Dutchmen do a good job. Besides the professional make-up THE SATURNINE can also gain credits through their good sound. The guitars roast thoroughly and the rest sounds decent as well. You definitely notice that the respective musicians are already experienced in recording albums and that two competent sound men were at their side in Hans Pieters and Dennis Leidelmeijer in the Exess Studios in Rotterdam. I wouldn’t be surprised if THE SATURNINE would really break through soon. The soil for Alternative bands is almost as good as it was in the nineties and the band certainly isn’t too heavy to get radio airplay as well. If the guys keep working on themselves and somewhat move away from their “idols?”, if they develop an on touch, that is, a record deal could soon be beckoning. Let’s wait to see what will come. In any case you can order “Within Without” on the band’s homepage for only 8,- euro (shipping costs included) if you are interested.
Check out tips: “Living Less”, “The Alice Inn”… (Online June 11, 2005)
- Metal Observer (DE)

If you look at the musical past of the members of The Saturnine you should get some musical appetite, at least I did. The 5 members have been active in bands such as Within Temptation, Sun Caged, Deaonia, Manifest, Jambone and Wowbeggar which is quite a varied bunch. The Saturnine, however, is very hard to compare to their former bands. Musically I would call this alternative melancholic rock with some slight metal influences. Recorded at Excess in Rotterdam the result is very satisfying and I also have to give a “thumbs up” to the song writing. This is actually a very good EP by this band from the The Hague area and I am positive that we will hear lots more from them. The music should appeal to quite a large audience. If you want to get an idea in what direction these guys are you should think in the direction of bands such as The Gathering, Anathema, Katatonia or The Wounded for instance. Without being copycats of either of those bands this should give you an idea what you can expect from The Saturnine. When interested in buying this EP you should contact the band through their website (see link below), the EP is available for 8 euro.
Pim /
- Quintessence Webzine (NL)

The Saturnine has a link with Within Temptation. Both bands surely have a professional attitude in common. The songs, musicianship, vocals and production are way above average. The musicians have used their virtuose abilities in name of the song above all. The guitar solo's are wisely kept very short and to-the-point. Beneath the surface of the strong performance of their melancholic metal there's a lot to discover. The melancholy thankfully doesn't result in weak rock ballads. In that vein a lot of bands could learn a lot from the distinguished 2nd song, "Inside".
Gert Verbeek/FRET magazine - FRET magazine (NL)

When we published our first newsflash about The Saturnine we could barely hide the word 'super-group', but it's certainly no exageration when we talk about 5 known and experienced musicians. With a history containing bands like Wowbeggar, Daeonia, Sun Caged and Jambone these guys are certainly no school-boys. Something you can definitely hear on their debut, 'cause the songs are well-constructed and when it comes to musicianship you can hear the experience crashing through. Which makes it more surprising that the material is less prog-rock/symphonic than expected, and even less metal. The band keeps close to the (alternative) rock sound throughout. The vocals of Sander van den Thillart even put a little emo to the sound. The present fear of virtuose playing on every square inch turns out to be totally uncalled for, 'cause the technical abilities are there to serve the compositions and none of The Saturnine-members feel the urge to present themselves as God's gift to music. The title of the 3rd song, "Living Less", seems like the right way to describe The Saturnine's approach. All tracks harbour a perfect balance between loud rock and more quiet passages, which keeps the listener's attention focused from start to end. This 5-piece has succeeded on all accounts to deliver an EP that makes you long for more. We are waiting for the full-length. - Webzine (NL)

The Saturnine (Netherlands)- "Within Without" EP 2004
A very young band that started out as a trio back in mid-2003 and became a 5-piece in early 2004. One of the notable people in here is the drummer Dennis from ex-Within Temptation and Marcel Coenen's band, Sun Caged. The others have experience within the metal scene also and play a nifty technical melodic Hard Rock with a flare of Jazz Fusion of all things. I find this odd since most Jazz Fusion is instrumental and incorporating this with vocal music is pretty cool actually. Think of Saliva, Nickelback and Creed fused with technical precision of Fates Warning and King's X. Only a 4 track EP but it shows a lot of different avenues this band can take and I don't think it'll be long untill this band gets some labels buzzing. Time will tell and 2005 looks bright for this band. - Quintessence (USA)


- Within Without
4 track EP. Released: July 2004. Available through iTunes. Streaming audio through:

- The Winter Years
4 Track EP. Released: March 2007.
Will be available through iTunes and streaming audio will soon be available through the above mentioned MySpace site.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Saturnine – biography 2007

Emotion, dynamics, chemistry – Three words to sum up the very essence of what making music is all about. The translation of that gut-feeling into soaring riffs, bombastic drum fills and heart-crushing vocals; mixed with almost ethereal guitar-sounds and percussion. A vision shared by five individuals. Musicians with an extensive background in the Dutch and American rock and metal scene (i.e. Within Temptation, Sun Caged, The Din, Daeonia, Fuelblooded). Combining their experience, their wants and their want-nots, to achieve the above mentioned.

Officially active as a collective since the 1st of January 2004, the Saturnine started building the soul of their musical expression. A group sharing their love for the expressive side of music. With a subtle approach to progression and off-beat drum patterns they wrote several compelling songs which they professionally recorded in early June 2004 at the Excess Studio, Rotterdam. It became a 4 track EP, called “Within Without”. A splendid way to discover the diversity of the band. The EP stirred up the scene quite a bit and left a definite impression through many excellent reviews in as many top-notch magazines.
Since the release the band was able to play several high profile gigs, among them shows with Katatonia (SE), Fates Warning (USA), Enchant (USA), Last Crack (USA), After Forever (NL), and soon even with The Gathering (NL). The line-up changed through the next 2 years but after the summer of 2006 the band recaptured a killer line-up… With the return of Dennis Leeflang on drums (also Bumblefoot and residing in New York) and the addition of Matty Pritchard on vocals (ex-The Din and also residing in New York) and Danny Tunker on guitars (Fuelblooded),,, The Saturnine is ready once again to show the world their expertise. December 2006 saw the band returning to the studio to record 4 blistering new tracks, built from subtle and ingenious musical passages, catchy vocal lines and a dose of the right melancholy.
With the recovered spark the band is ready to pick up where they left off. Now as an international band, living on 2 continents. It’s just a matter of time before this band gets picked up by a lucky record company.
The Saturnine has returned!!