The Savage Juliet

The Savage Juliet


A unique blend of classic, pop and folk-rock with a little alt. country. Strong lyrics, catchy melodies and interesting guitar riffs/hooks. Has a pop element without being predictable or stale. Comparisons range from early Jefferson Airplane, Nicks and Buckingham to The Pretenders and Aimee Mann.


The Savage Juliet originated as a duo of Scott Johnson and Kate Dwyer in 2002. In 2003 they released their first CD with drummer Chad Pearson and bassist Scott Magin it was recorded on one day in one room with the intention of keeping a lo-fi, live sound. The song “Longshot” has received much acclaim, winning second place in the International Songwriting Competition as well as being placed in the upcoming film “Reeker”.

TimeOutNY says “a band to watch as they climb quickly up the local band ladder.” has given the first CD “Longshot” 4 out of 5 calling the lyrics “nearly flawless” comparing them to bands such as Wilco, Cowboy Junkies, and Aimee Mann.
The Deli online has featured them in their new magazine featuring up and coming NYC indie rock bands. Over the last year The Savage Juliet have played regularly at the Mercury Lounge, Tonic, Sin-e and many other established NYC venues working on new material and developing a fuller more dynamic sound. TSJ will be releasing their second CD “Another Roadside Attraction” in March 2005. Check website for updates and music samples:



Written By: Kate Dwye

Kate Dwyer copyright2003

Face in the mirror 4 a.m.
Thought you'd never see her drunk again
It was sweeter years before
Behind solid doors
Made of glass
Something happened one night
You got trapped in a makeshift life
And the bulb burns your fingers
Just before it breaks
In hands too frail to hold there
Own mistakes

Sometimes a long shot pulls through
And frontrunners don't do what they're meant to
You think it sounds allot like you
You’ve been leaving yourself clues

You think everyone's cast their vote
And your starry eyed waning hopes
Display their cruel side
This day is suicide you should have known

Sometimes a long shot pulls through
And frontrunners don't do what they're meant to
You think it sounds allot like you
You’ve been leaving yourself clues

Things come from the past
Taking you to task
For all you leave apart
But the promise of a fresh start
It’s breaking you wide open
So happy to be broken
And leaving her behind
You know this scene it’s too confused
Indecision its just like abuse
Like flies skimming water
And lambs to the slaughter
You’ll be back once more

Because sometimes a long shot pulls through
And frontrunners don't do what they're meant to
You’ve been leaving yourself clues
Cause it sounds alot like you


Written By: Kate Dwyer

TROUBLE Kate Dwyer
In the morning so in love with you
But it fell apart by noon
Helpless don’t know how to choose
Should I leave this all so soon
Cause if you tell me things
You might not mean
I’ve heard them before
Its just a smoke screen
Attached to a broken door
I’ll be walking out of

Trouble, it comes for some
Never lasts too long
Trouble comes for some
I feel its just begun

People say reflections are
The hardest thing to see
In your eyes the little stars
Begging to be seen
Shine to me so subtly
I miss them constantly
But if you say things that you mean
I’ll try to believe
If you say things kind to me
With no trick card up your sleeve

Trouble, it won’t last for long
Though it’s just begun
Trouble it hasn’t won
Just beats like a soldier’s drum

I promise then to play along
So your words won’t stand in vain
Do my best to right my wrongs
So they don’t leave a stain
Charm my way into your favor
And we can take that ride
The highest stakes most ever play for
Win by a landslide
Then the winner takes the bright Mayflowers
And keeps love by their side

Like Every Ring

Written By: Kate Dwyer


Like the ring that hangs from every bell
Every breath to each inhale
Like the wish you wish that you could tell
So they would not die alone impaled
On doubts that mount as you turn your gaze
Lost yourself inside the maze
Of questioning the future days
And all the ways you may not come to meet them

If glory be to dappled things
The birds who soar just like kings
Taking praise within their wings
We got lost beneath them

Did we miss a step
Or fail the test
Is true love met
With such unrest
What will it take to break you down again
Maybe for good this time
Is it just another thorn on the vine
You claim that binds you so

Like every leaf that hits the ground
Its life drains to a darker brown
We are changing before our very eyes
Like all the days we may not see
You remain a mystery
The kind of which I’ve never seemed to solve
Was there rapture when you looked at me
Did you capture what you thought could be
The key to hold you as you’ve always wanted


LONGSHOT- full length cd
"Longshot" and "Always the Same" have been played on Laura Cantrells show on WFMU. Sound bites available on website, full length songs on Streaming on "Trouble","Somedays" among others being featured.

Set List

Typical set list ranges from 10-12 songs, 45 min.- 1hr depending on venues requirements. One set is typical unless its for a special event. Occasional covers include "I'm On Fire" by Bruce Springsteen and "Fade Away and Radiate" by Blondie.