The Savage Trip

The Savage Trip


psychedlic donkey music


Bands we have played in: The Uh-Uhs, Diamond Smugglers, Wannabes, Standing Waves, Wild Seeds, 99 and the One, Service Industry, Scratch Acid, Fire Marshalls of Bethlehem, Woodpeckers, Lollygaggers, Kamikaze Refrigerators, F Systems.


we believe in the ephemerality of live music

Set List

Like a Fall (W. Seeds)
Baby, You Scare Me
Sally Come Down the River
Nothing Obscure About It
She Said (W. Seeds)
Jo Jo
These Boots Are Made For Walking (N. Sinatra)
I Just Do
Like a Hurricane (N. Young)
Some Velvet Crackpipe (N. Sinatra)
To Sir with Love
The Passenger (I. Pop)
Factory Girl (R. Stones)
Bang Bang (N. Sinatra)
Captain Captain
Kashmir (L. Zeppelin)