The Savannah Project featuring Brenda Morie

The Savannah Project featuring Brenda Morie

 Savannah, Georgia, USA

Ripping guitar leads and driving guitar rhythms blended with Jethro Tull-like percussive flute, blues harmonica, with throbbing bass pulse over melodic rhythmical drums mixed with full vocals and harmonies that fuse the worlds of Vintage Classic and Acoustic Rock, R&B, Jazz Funk, and originals.


Brenda Morie,
Canadian vocalist, guitarist, flutist, composer, spent 15 years in Los Angeles recording, touring and performing with Chet McCracken, (Dobbie Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh), Chris Pinnick, (Chicago), Ben Armentano, (Quincy Jones), Nancy Sinatra, Guy Perry, (The Motels), and in Savannah, GA with Ben Tucker, (Herbie Mann, Peggy Lee etc.) to just mention a few.

Michael Moody, Guitarist, (80"s with Wild Cherry)

George Sheck, Bassist, (Edgar Winter White Trash Band)

Max Christman, Drums, and Sound Designer


"Meant To Be" Brenda Morie solo jazz CD
"After The Rain" Chet McCracken CD
"Partners" Chet McCracken CD