The Savants

The Savants


Post Hardcore Progressive Punk Rock. A brilliant cacophony of harmonies and catchy pop sensible hooks with a rocket stuffed straight up its arse.


You may remember The Savants from the media circus surrounding their 1976 class action suit against Gary Wright. As the courts decided, The Savants did not in fact write the song "Dream Weaver".

25 years and 16 million dollars later, The Savants decided to re-unite on new years eve 2003; This time choosing the form of Mortal Vicenarians. Originally a little rocky (almost as though they had never played together before!), the band quickly grew to new musical heights the likes of which they had never dreamed. And as they grew beyond dreams, they most certainly weaved.

Boasting a wide array of influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Mudvyne, to Alkaline Trio. The Savants have created a sound uniquely their own. Smashing metal, pop, blues, and folk into one giant orgasm of aural pleasure the Savants are sure to make you dance like an asshole, and buy their records.


Reality Show Ep -2007 on Transistor 66

just about every university is playing it...go buy it.

Set List

3 sets of high energy insanity.

We do not do covers..unless you are nice.

Songs include...

Kill Girl Kill
The Was Easy
Black Cadillac's and Death Make Up
Madame My Condolences
Have a Good One
While You Were Sleeping
The Secret Lives of Junior Executives
I Still Havn't Stopped Playing Prented
Lucky 11
The Pharmacy Generation
Typhoid Mary
Can't You Tell I love You
Scores to Settle
Shock and Awe
Stalking Gloria
Funeral Suit
3pm at the Mount Royal Hotel

more coming....