The Say So

The Say So

 Arvada, Colorado, USA

The Say So is raw, electric, and powerful. They bring a unique energy to the music scene that is matched by their vulnerability in their song writing and their passion in their performance. Commonly described as an alternative rock quartet, The Say So is determined to have their music heard.


Stronger and louder than ever before, The Say So is complete with Sean Palmer on vocals/guitar, Noah Fisher on guitar, Chris Beeble on bass/keys, and Robbie Spradling on drums. Palmer, Beeble, and Spradling met during their high school years in Arvada, CO, and welcomed Fisher in spring of 2009.

The Say So's sound thrives on tight rhythms, textured guitar, and powerful vocals that sound each story the band has created uniquely and with conviction. Their sound has been compared to that of The KIllers, Young The Giant, and Kings of Leon.

In June of 2010 they released "Something Like Wild," the bands first E.P. with their current lineup. With it came local success from having their single "Fools" played on 93.3 KTCL to playing a sold out show in front of 1,300 people. While the band was extremely proud of E.P., they were ready for something bigger and better so they embarked on writing a full length album. They began writing in early fall of 2010 and began recording in the spring of 2011. The album was produced by Andrew Berlin (Rise Against, Stick To Your Guns, Tickle Me Pink) and mixed at the legendary Blasting Room. The record is now complete and will be released pending the bands search for management and record label.



Written By: The Say So

Ya she walks in slow.
So everyone knows
when she comes around
Ya, she runs this town.

You light a spark in me.
Honey can’t you see.
With everything you do
No, no one can do it better than you.

Oh my god, look at this lady.
I can’t help myself I need it.
Let me be, the one to love you
I could be.

This time I’m going to let it show
What you got it makes me stumble.
I’m on my knees and I’m begging for more.
You start a fire when you walk through that door.

In the faintest way,
She’s got me so insane.
I’m down hard for her.
Ya, she makes it hurt.

She’s too good for me.
She’s the new disease.
And now I’m sick because,
I can’t, can’t stop, get, get, get enough.


Ya I’m begging for more.
What you got, it makes me stumble.


Safe To Say

Written By: The Say So

I say that I’m tired of all these hospital beds
This heart is making me sick,
I don’t think that I can take this anymore

Before now, I laughed away all of these problems I could not change
But lately I’ve been alone,
And I know it’s how it goes.

Say I’m ok
Say I’m ok, I’m ok.

I swear I’ll create a new place,
One where I have not been.
A new heart, I will make.
A new heart unmededicated


And all this time I’ve wasted
Away this life, away this heart
I feel the same, I always have
But it’s safe to say I’m a mess now


Wake Up Your Eyes/ Oh Child

Written By: The Say So

Soft voice speak to me,
yes you are my everything.
With each breath you breathe in deep,
and i'll watch you change.

I'll hide you away from this place,
safe inside my arms.
But somehow it seems, no matter how hard i try, someday i'll have to let you fly.

Oh chid, newborn, wake up your eyes now.
Do you see what i see?
Oh child, newborn, lift up your head now.
This world is yours - go on amaze me.

Listen closely now,
the sway of your mother her sounds.
Sweet is the rain falling down,
It will wash away the mistakes that you'll make

Don't hide away from this pain.
The grass grows greener once it's burned.
I know that someday,
you'll stand in this garden and watch it grow as i have.

Chorus x2


June 2010:
Something Like Wild E.P.

Finished "The Romantic," the bands debut full length album (release is pending the bands search for management and record label)

Set List

Set list differs per show and occasion.