The Sum

The Sum

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Timeless poetics, funky melodies, old school keyboard sounds and spirit, drum breaks, percussion, all with a jazz soul. A big little band, featuring Larocque on vocals, and percussion, Cale on pianos, organ and left hand bass, and Bien-Aimée on funked out drums. Its the jazz of now.


The Montreal singer, Célia Larocque began her professional career from the beginning of her studies demonstrating a tremendous versatility and maturity in the expression of her art. She graduated in jazz performance both at Montreal University and McGill Schulich School Of Music. Her art also grew rich in the contact of numerous musicians witch whom she collaborated through the years. Agile in the learning of new styles and expressing herself in many languages among witch English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, Célia expresses an eclectic mixture of various musical universes that makes her an accomplish artist. From jazz to soul, that smoothly colors her voice, from latin music to hip-hop and r&b, Célia always manage to touch people's soul by the beauty and the depth of her voice.

Originally from the west coast of Canada, Naman Cale spent his first few years as a professional pianist working in Vancouver, studying and playing with local Jazz, Classical and Latin musicians. After receiving a full scholarship to study music at the University of British Columbia, he decided instead to move to Montreal and learn the old fashioned way, by living and playing in Canada's most vibrant musical city. He has benefited from touring and performing experience with Montreal's finest Jazz, Reggae, Latin, and Hiphop musicians, and continues to build his own reputation as an exciting, versatile pianist with an original musical voice.


"The Sum" - EP - released January, 2012

"Live At The Drinkery" - EP - released November, 2011