The Scamps

The Scamps

 New York City, New York, USA

Dirty - Dancey - Indie - Garage Rock..
Reminiscent of early Talking Heads


The Scamps are a modern throwback band with roots that are steeped in dirty delta blues. Not your typical Brooklyn four piece rock band, The Scamps will bring to mind a hybrid of Talking Heads and Muddy Waters.

Lisa (guitar and lead vocals) and Emily (keyboard/organ and backing vocals) met while Lisa was working on a solo project back in 2006. Their dynamic of raw vs. honed and self taught vs. classically trained, inspired them to begin putting together a band. They soon enlisted Kevin (drums) and Matthew (bass); a two-fisted rhythm section that dares you not to get up and dance.

The Scamps rehearse at a guitar shop where Lisa works days making guitars and basses. Their DIY sawdust strewn surrounding no doubt shaped their musical work ethic. With almost no budget and a few shoe strings, The Scamps have put together a full length debut album released August 30th, 2010!


"Self Tittled" 2010, The Scamps

Set List

Our sets of up to 60 minutes are mainly originals with a couple choice covers.