The Scandals

The Scandals

 Bayonne, New Jersey, USA

The Scandals are 4 guys who spend more time in the van than in their own beds.


The Scandals are a punk rock band from New Jersey. They tour. They eat pizza. They write songs. Then they tour some more and show no signs of slowing down. 

The band started in 2004 with numerous demos and EP's. Our first full length was released in 2010 was called The Sound of Your Stereo and is currently out of print via Skeleton Crew Records. We recorded our Trenchknife EP with Pete Steinkopf and it was self released in 2012. We also released an EP called Riot on the Dancefloor: The Story of Randy Now and City Gardens the same year to support the release of an independent documentary.
We have shared the stage with bands such as The Bouncing Souls, The Gaslight Anthem, New Found Glory, Chuck Ragan, American Steel, Street Dogs, The Menzingers, TSOL, US Bombs, Dave Hause, Guttermouth, Subhumans, MDC, Fishbone, The Briggs, Left Alone, Youth Brigade, Teenage Bottlerocket, Off With Their Heads, Samiam, Gameface, Buck O Nine, The Flatliners, I Am the Avalanche, Roger Miret and the Disasters, A Wilhelm Scream, The Ataris, Vision, Old Man Markley, DRI, Agent Orange, The Unseen, Red City Radio, Stigma, and more. 
We have played festivals like SXSW in Austin, TX in 2013, CMJ in New York City in 2012, Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas in 2011, and the Bamboozle festival in  New Jersey in 2008 and 2009. 

In March of 2014 we will be embarking on our first European tour for 5 weeks via City Rat booking and Gunner Records. 



Written By: The Scandals

Sat down for coffee with a friend one day
I started to listen as you started to say
I need to get out, I need something new,
Need to find out for myself what is true.
Some went to work, some went to school
some went to the army some break all the rules
No matter where you go, I'll tell you one thing
There's no place like home no matter where it might be.

I'm comin
Back to a place that I hold dear
Back where my family and friends are near
I'm comin back, I'm comin home
Everyone's got some place that they wanna leave
And everyone's got some place they wanna be
You go back, we're coming home.

As I sit back and look into your eyes
Tell you my dreams of California (New Jersey?) skies
I'll tell you I'll be back, I'm not sure when
And then we'll reminisce on the time from back then
Four wheels took me out, and they'll bring me back
The lines in the road keep my mind on track
Said bye to you once, I'll say it again
But don't worry now, we've got hours to spend

Avalanche, bringin me back home
Avalanche, keeps bringin me back home.


Written By: The Scandals,Jared Hart, Jared Hart

Green beers on a Tuesday night
Something's got me feeling that something ain't right and you say
Tell me a story of your past life.
Paint dries on a setting moon
Won't wake up 'til a quarter passed noon.

My radio stopped working today.

Parked cars with the keys inside.
Got me start to thinking you got something to hide
And I know, things aren't the way they used to be
Crashed that car through your front door
Just to figure out what my nerves are for

My radio stopped working today

Honey it's a cold, cold, cold night.
Well honey it's a cold, cold, cold night.

Moon rises on a morning tide.
You lie about my secrets and I take it in stride
But I can't, can't see color on your black tongue.
Still waitin on the mail to come,
Just wanna know who the fuck it's from

My radio stopped working today

Overheat on teenage dreams,
Things are never ever what they seem

Would you wanna wanna, would you wanna
Would you wanna wanna come home with me?


To the Youth - 2009
The Sound of Your Stereo CD -June 2010
New States 7" Split w/ Stabbed in the Back - June 2012
Trenchknife EP (Limited 7" and cassette)- May 2012
Riot on the Dancefloor 7"-July 2012

Time Machines 12" and CD- March 2014 via Gunner Records (European Exclusive)

Set List