The Scarlet Ending

The Scarlet Ending


Fronted by gorgeous twin sisters Kayleigh and Kaleena, The Scarlet Ending perform alternative/pop music with an attitude. Combining heartfelt lyrics, haunting harmonies, and in your face percussion, TSE is in the process of rewriting the book on indie-rock.


"The Scarlet Ending go even deeper... with a brilliance and daring that rock 'n' roll desperately needs. This ending is more than welcome…"
- Rick Florino, ARTISTdirect

The music scene in Syracuse, New York is a snow globe that has been turned upside down and shaken by a new sound. That sound is coming from The Scarlet Ending, a six piece band that is stretching the confines of genre. Loosely defined as indie rock, The Scarlet Ending offers a blend of pop with cabaret, the grit of dive bar rock with the charms of three part harmony. This unique personality comes through in the angelic yet unforgiving voices of sisters Kaleena and Kayleigh Goldsworthy. These two command the stage while playing piano and guitar respectively, in addition to violin, melodica, and a pawn shop of other instruments. The theatricality of the girls is supported with a backbone of innovative musicians. Guitarist Jon Tedd and Cellist Jess Hafner compliment the layers of sound while Bassist Aaron Garritillo and drummer Nick Streeter syncopates and carries each song to their full potential.


Exactly What You Want

Written By: Kayleigh A. Goldsworthy

After many miles
I’m here waiting by the phone
It’s quite a miracle I made it home.

One step at a time
I forged the river in your eyes
Making saints of all the sinners in your life

Now you go walking past the shore line
And I’m sure I haven’t given any reason
To go sailing off again

Don’t you go running after me
cause your cause just walked out the door
I won’t waste a blinded second more
On hope, your novelty wore
Off and I can’t help but believe
That you’re mind’s made as soon as you get
Exactly what you want, you’re gonna leave.

I wish I could have stayed
But the music starts to fade,
I swear I’ve heard that serenade ten thousand times.

But it’s not over yet
Cause there’s still something you don’t get
I’ll sing a lullaby one night you won’t forget

Now your hands are getting cold
I guess I should have always known
You can’t build bridges the mess we left behind

The leaves on the ground now it’s getting cold
They’re dragging the lake and so soon they’ll know
I’m telling you now, to let me go.

It’s the same decision we’re making upon our graves
And using our reasons to hide distaste
Of calling the same thing a different name

And now you’re shaking in your bones
And I can’t take this anymore
The reason’s killing me don’t ever you forget


---- "The Scarlet Ending" EP (2005)
---- "Cries & Whispers" (2006)
---- "Ghosts" (2010)
---- "The Things You Used to Own" EP (Out 8/14/12)

3 separate singles have been featured on MTV and Vh1 programs

The 13-part documentary series on the band by their hometown paper won the Associated Press Award for online content

Received SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Award) award for "Ghosts" - Best Alternative CD 2011 and "The Scarlet Ending" - Best Pop Recording 2005

Named #3 album of 2006 by Syracuse Post-Standard

Nominated for 2006 SAMMY for Best Pop Recording

"Ghosts" featured Will Noon (Straylight Run, Breaking Pangaea) on drums

Set List

1:15 minute sets combining Original Material with surprising covers