The Scavengers

The Scavengers


The Scavengers are a 9 piece band from the small town of Galena Il. We have grown up together in the same school of 270 people playing a wide variety of styles, and our combined sound gives us the unique dynamic range of our music. Our ages range from 17-19 and we've been together for 2 1/2 years


The Scavengers are a nine-piece rock band from Galena, Il. We formed on April 20, 2006. We started off by playing covers from various books Vinny had lying around. When we first started, the band consisted of Curtis Cole, Vinny Newton, Kyle Holder, and Clayton Buss. Over time Spencer Harris joined, and three members of the band Eightfold Path, Andrew Bockelman, Daniel Martinson, and Megan Ault, joined forces with us to complete the Scavenger family.

We have performed a wide variety of shows including but not limited to July 4th in downtown Galena, Easy Street battle of the bands, School dances and other private parties, Chestnut Mtn, and The Yardarm in Dubuque IA.

Though we still incorporate a couple of covers here and there, most of our time is put into writing our own material. We just recently released our self titled album, "The Scavengers". The CD's can be purchased through any member of the band, as well as online orders through our myspace account. The CD includes all of our originals, which includes "Disorder", "Suit Yourself", "What Have We Become?" and others.


Our album The Scavengers was released in April of 2007

We also recorded a four song demo in 2006

Set List

We play a mixture of covers and our original songs, and our sets range anywhere from an hour to three. We have 12 original songs.

Because of the number of people in our group and our different influences, we play a wide range of different songs.