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Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Scene @ TBA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Scene @ TBA

St. George, Utah, USA

St. George, Utah, USA

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" THE SCENE lives up to their name...when the band performs their energy creates a scene that draws the audience in & makes you wanna ROCK!"

Jen Meola


Weasels, Bands Converge on Downtown Vegas for Fast-Paced Amplify Confab

August 28, 2006

By Rodel Delfin
The 2006 Amplify Music Conference in downtown Las Vegas is in the books. The confab featured over 80 acts (more than 250 artists nationwide submitted music), and six industry panels were held over a three-day period. The event added a new twist by picking several acts that had standout perfs throughout the event to perform on the third night, and then selecting a final four to receive awards, similar to Sundance. Conference organizers placed judges at each venue reviewing acts throughout the first two nights. Although it may be perceived as a talent competition, it did serve the purpose of bringing to attention and re-showcasing acts that otherwise may have been missed by industry folks due to schedule conflicts or simply being not known about. Another appealing aspect of the conference was the short showcase length: All showcases during the conference were 15 minutes long. This allowed conference-goers to see more bands in a shorter period of time, and obviously if the band sucked after the first song, there were only about 10 minutes left in their set. With the venues (Celebrity Theatre, Jillians and the Beauty Bar) all within a couple blocks of each other, this section of Freemont St. is fast becoming a new entertainment district, and we hear more clubs are scheduled to open next year. It could be like Austins Sixth St., but with casinos, cheap hotels and, of course, the Glitter Gulch (plus, the conference badge allowed compd entry to Olympic Gardens and the Sapphire Club). August is down season in Las Vegas, so downtown hotel rates averaged about $40, which made it cheap for bands. Meanwhile, Strip hotels like the Wynn and The Hotel at Mandalay Bay had rooms 50% below their regular prices. (Btw, the SW Steakhouse at the Wynn definitely rivals Mastros.) So which bands stood out from the crowd? Heres the short list: Fletch, Away Station, Embassy, Deer & the Headlights, Lydia Vance, Forget McCarron, the Tramlines, Vitruvian, the Scene and Black Market, who received the top award. And kudos to the industry folks who participated on the panels, representing a slice of current and up-and-coming players in the music biz: J/Aristas Victor Murgatroyd, Worlds End manager Andrew Brightman, Interscopes Jeff Sosnow, Atlantics Danny Wimmer, Angry Bear Talent manager Berko, Geffens Evan Peters, Virgins Ken Blaustein, Hollywoods Matt Harris, Islands Will Westfall, Fearless Kevin Knight, SideOneDummys Bill Armstrong, MySpaces Jon Pikus, We the Peoples Nate Israel, BMIs Myles Lewis, Sony/ATVs Jon Nelson, Warner/Chappells Stephanie St. Gal de Pons, Windswept Pacifics Todd Parker, ASCAPs Jennifer Knoepfle, manager John Boyle and Killers attorney/manager Robert Reynolds. Were hoping to win our gambling money back next year BACK TO THE NEWS: Lots of heat building for the David Ferreria- repped PlayRadioPlay! Word on the street is that the band already has an offer from one East Coast major. They return to the Big Apple this week for their second trip of label meet-and-greets Meanwhile, label calls continue for Amplify bandsthe Robert Reynolds-repped Away Station and the Kevin Held-managed Embassy, who already have a pub deal with hotshot Jon Nelson at Sony/ATV Finally, we hear an East Coast major is about to close a deal for Shut-up Stella, which has signed with Ron Moss at Rondor Music Publishing. So get on it if its not too late

Posted on Aug 28, 2006 - Hits Magazine

By Jessica Sager (staff writer)

The Scene is not a land of girls and boys with matching haircuts, eyeliner, and outfits who want to be different. Okay, maybe it is--but it’s also a kick ass new band from Hollywood that’ll steal your grandfather’s shoes and knock your socks off. Confused? Incredulous? Read on, then grab their new EP due out at the end of this year and check them out on tour in 2007 for even more evidence of the rock to come.

Do you actually own white leather loafers like you say on your MYspace?
We own more loafers than your grandfather. White, black, brown, red...
We're classy cats. We get more tricked out than an Uptown Sharpy. We
also own more clothing than your girlfriend and more eyeliner than
your mother-in-law.

Do you break the “white boys can’t dance” stereotype?
Some call it dancing. Others call it seizuring. Either way, it seems
to work for us. We haven't heard any complaints.

You guys have a lot of classic influences, from Velvet Underground to The Clash. Are you inspired by any of today's bands as well? Which ones?
We are four individual music fans with four distinct tastes. We are fans of rock, reggae, hip-hop, and punk rock... and on and on. Those influences listed are based mostly on what we grew up listening to that line up with our sound. There are a few current bands that we enjoy separately and together, but nothing that necessarily influences our sound. And I must ask... Why didn't you ask about Merle Haggard?! (Editor’s note: Because I thought you were joking. – Jess)

Describe your songwriting process. Is it therapeutic for you?

Usually either Everett (bass guitar) or Ward (electric guitar) will come into practice with a riff or progression then teach it to the other. We will jam on it for a while with Charlie (drums) until we decide if it works or not. If so, we start to create a structure. After the music is mostly in place, Ward takes the music away and develops melodies and lyrics over the top. Collin (vocals) takes the melodies and lyrics and rounds them out into the sound that becomes The Scene. Therapeutic? Not so much. The lyrical side is always therapeutic. Our songs are about things we feel strongly about, usually relating to what we are thinking or feeling on a daily basis. Real stuff. So I guess that portion if therapeutic at times. Mostly, songwriting is just what gets the four of us excited. Creating our sound, furthering the limits we feel we are allowed to venture beyond.

What “scene” do you guys feel you belong to?
We don't belong to a scene. We create them... And cause them. - Planet Verge


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THE SCENE is a 4-piece indie rock band made up of musician friends with various musical influences that come together to create an undeniably infectious sound. Friends since their youth, front man Collin Pulsipher and bass guitarist Everett Connors both came to Los Angeles, California from Denver, Colorado in search of the right players to create their individual rock and roll super groups. Guitarist Ward Robinson left the east coast of Atlanta, Georgia for the west coast of Los Angeles, California to find the same. After years of being friends yet playing in different bands, the 3 met up with North Hollywood native and drummer Charlie Paz to create THE SCENE.

In less than a year THE SCENE has made quite a name for themselves in the Los Angeles area. They often headline such staple venues as the Troubadour, the Key Club, the Roxy and the Viper Room and they always pack the venue. The made such an impact so quickly that they were invited to perform on Music Plus TV and were asked personally by Tim Driver to perform at this years annual Amplify Music Festival in Vegas. They were also one of the finalists in the My Network TV band call out contest. Since starting their online marketing campaign their friends have nearly tripled on myspace. On top of all that their music has already been featured on numerous MTV shows. They are currently recording their album with Mark Cobalt (Kelly Clarkson, Trading Yesterday) and are hitting the road in February 2007 to support the album release. With insanely catchy indie dance rock tunes mixed with a feverishly energetic live stage show, THE SCENE is catching ears and eyes all over SoCal.. and soon, beyond.