The Scenic

The Scenic


Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, The pop-rock quintet The Scenic are sure to be a hit for fans of Jimmy Eat World, Copeland, Saves The Day, Mae, & The Format. Fans will instantly side with singer Jeremy Menard's unique pop voice and the bands infectious sing along spin on rock and roll!


With a series of impressive accolades under their belt, it was only a matter of time before Victory Records put pen to paper and invested in THE SCENIC's breezy spin on current pop-rock.

The band had already appeared twice on MTVU, been featured in Alternative Press, and shared stages with heavy-hitters such as Saves the Day and the 2007 Warped Tour, and these credits weren't without notice. Their infectious brand of unpretentious melodies had captured the attention of nearly everyone with an ear for genuine talent. Armed with a barrage of demos that would easily translate into studio-ready gems, THE SCENIC began to lay down the foundation that would become Find Yourself Here.

Comprised of four members with a knack for indie pop sensibility and similar tastes, THE SCENIC was fashioned in 2006 with ringleaders Shane Reynolds on drums, guitarist Jake Scisio and Frank Romantino on bass. The group thought their ideal roster was complete when rhythm guitarist Dan Wolf joined in late 2007, but, in an unfortunate twist, the original vocalist then took an exit. However, vocalist Jeremy Menard's outfit had also just disbanded, and he was recruited to not fill another's shoes, but to make the role his own.

"We like to think it was a completely new band then when we wrote together for the first time," Wolf says. "We all realized we had something special. Our work ethic, songwriting and promotion was stepped up by all members."

This new dream team chose to keep their good luck streak going by hitting the studio with producer Mike Watts (The Junior Varsity, As Tall As Lions, As Cities Burn), who had nurtured the band's talent on the demos. Being a friend as well, he knew the nuances and direction it would take to make the tracks uniquely Scenic.

The ease of collaborating with Watts and new-found electricity within the band is evident in the result, 12 addictive anthems laced with sunny beats and views alike. Tracks like the driving opener "Lights Out" and its brisk follower, "The American Way," wax Americana while providing a comfortable, easy nostalgia for days of friendship, hot-and-cold relationships and burgeoning dreams. With this collection of summer staples, THE SCENIC have proved their knack for creating bright sing-a-longs that are instantly memorable from just the first spin.

"When listening to our record, we want people to feel exactly like the feeling you get when you couldn't be happier anywhere else, doing anything else, at that moment in time," Wolf says. "We really feel we made a great record. Overall, it's very feel-good, yet still has an emotional side to it."

With refreshing humor and a streak of good fortune to their credit, THE SCENIC has created a buzz that has helped build one of summer's most anticipated releases. They've made an honest, straightforward record that pulls no punches in its messages. From the title alone, Find Yourself Here is an ode of appreciation to their current state of life. In a line from the self-reflective "Direction," THE SCENIC has ended up right where it belongs.

"After stepping back and really taking an overall look at the lyrics and content in the songs, the theme really seemed to gravitate toward discovering who you are and where you're going in life," Wolf says. "After everything that everyone in this band has experienced, it has led us to this point, playing with these friends and writing these songs. We have found ourselves in a place in which we couldn't be happier."


The American Way

Written By: The Scenic

Them legs, oh yeah there looking so good, and as she moves along shes turing heads making boys think they should
Them thighs, oh yeah there moving so slow, and as the record spins i sing along im about to lose control
and she pleads its the american way
i play along, yeah, cuz thats just how shes always been...
and i know, that you already know, moving so fast, that u bound to lose control

(same next verse)

chorus again
its no secret, she just likes the way it feels, not impressed, by anything you have to give.

your a habit ive been trying to kick aside, as the bottle breaks, youve been blowing smoke thats filling up my lungs,
youve got it going on.


Written By: The Scenic

breezy sunday afternoon, i was strolling along the sidewalk strips, down on seventh avenue,
a stranger asked me for direction, i said i dont have a clue, i swear im just as lost as you

you belong, we spend our whole lives here looking for direction, and we always end up right were we begun

man is standing by the bistro, with a cofee in his hand, his cigarettes half burnt out, and his eyes are sunken in. recollection of my fathers ghost, i knew him well, but now hes just a silhouette

belong, youve got the sun on your face, shining like a smile, brighter than the melody of any song we sing,
never give in, keep pressing, got to believe in better days, premonitions of the irony of the irony we always seem to crave


Written By: The Scenic

I' d like to see you again, on your next trip, when you head back to PA
all those other girls dont compare to you, man youve got that evil stare
i wanted this, youve needed that, you always were the worst kind...

on my way to better things, and there something about the way you look tonight

im so interested as to what will come of this one, and did his kiss taste just as sweet as you, so plant one on me.

ive got this feeling that everything is going to change, ive got this feeling that keeps burning like a streetlight bright.


"Find Yourself Here" 2008 Victory Records

Set List

We are currently able to perform for about 45 minutes with 12 songs available for our set.