The Scholars

The Scholars

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The new wave of hip-hop. In the 80's there was an explosion of fresh and new music, with no "title" per say, so it was given the tag of new wave. Now, in the 21st century (The) Scholars are exploding with a new wave of hip-hop, creating a new era of the legendary sound.


"Procastination is assassination of motivation"- This motto is what emcee Deronta "King" Baker and emcee/producer Derail "Hurracain" Hampton live by. Formed in 2005 (The) Scholars are vastly becoming one of the indies top acts. Receiving various forms of press and performing at such huge events as Rock The Vote, (The) Scholars are indeed the future of not only hip-hop, but popular music. Releasing their 2006 EP, Welcome To Scholarship, featuring the local hit, "Pilots" (The) Scholars went on to move over 1,000 copies just with no major promotion. You know, in other words, out the trunk. In 2008 (The) Scholars expanded their mind and sound, and released Middle East Mayhem EP. The lead singles "Show Me" and "DC's @ SB Dunks" have received significant airplay across the United States, including the drive-time hour in California. (The) Scholars are indeed the essence of excellence, and look forward to becoming your new favorite group! For all bookings and shows, contact Hurracain at (804) 307-6668 or email (The) Scholars are currently their own agents.



Middle East Mayhem EP-2008
Welcome To Scholarship EP-2007


Show Me (Middle East Mayhem EP-2008)
DC'S & SB Dunks (Middle East Mayhem EP-2008)
Hello Success (Middle East Mayhem EP-2008)
Pilots (Welcome To Scholarship EP-2007)
The Bang (Welcome To Scholarship EP-2007)
Go Outside (Welcome To Scholarship EP-2007)

Set List

A typical set, thus far, consists of around 4-5 songs, lasting around 30 minutes, usually with a beatbox homage to close. No covers, just our original songs.

Heart-N-Soul (Flashing Lights II)
Show Me
Bam Bam Kicking It
Hello Success