the science

the science


The Science consists of one musician who's material is written and recorded by himself. The Science is most recognizable for making short, but unique Pop songs both within the boundaries of genre... Blending Rock with new takes on timing behind stories which inquire the imagination of the listener.


The Science is based on the life of Ricky Snaffi.
At age 23, Ricky has been involved in various well received underground N.C. acts of the late 1990's such as 'Legend of the Overfiend" and "The Phantom Zoelle" whom were included 3 of the first 6 Bifocal Media releases.( Although Ricky was brought up in the same local scene that harbored acts like "the Valient Thorr", "Municipal Waste" "Farewell" and "Polvo", He has been able to compose a unique take on Pop music without shunning away the roots of his underground up-bringings.


the window

Written By: Ricky Snaffi

Everything that you do.

Climbing out of the window
and what you did was you didn't know
and though your life is subliminal,
You are, my brother a criminal

Nothing says I know him so I told him that I dont know where you're going if you're coming over. I was in control inside the road that I was running, I was rolling down the never-ending nothing.

He's got a piece of your mind,
I want in, I want out, I want into your mind.
He's got a ticket to ride, I want out, I want in, I want out of your mind.

I believe what you do, anything that you do. Everything that you do.

A life in the life of

Written By: Ricky Snaffi 2002

All those whiskers, feline
fur and paws with tail and eye
there is thought inside their mind
gift of nine lives to rewind

many litters to come...
you're on your own, you run.


1998 :"Legend of the overfiend" : S/T
ubble gubble records (sweden) Ricky supplied the 'insanely complex math-metal guitarwork' (

1999: "Legend of the Overfiend/the Ladderback" split 7" SOLD OUT (BifocalMedia: BFM002) ranked multiple times on 'WXYC's top 92 records" in 2001.

2000: "The actuality of thought" Video intro! ( BFM004)
"Legend of the overfiend: The armitage effiiciency sequence" Classic underground video featuring acts such as Converge, the Dillinger Escape Plan, His Hero is Gone amongst other now classic acts in their prime.

2001: "The Kampai Compilation" (Bifocal Media BFM006) featured in "Legend of the Overfiend: The armitage efficiency sequence" (guitars, vocals) and "The Phantom Zoelle: Rolla Pinerre (drums, guitars, vocals)"

2006: "Hoffman Bikes:Broke Off" DVD rack ( "The Phantom Zoelle's" 1999 track 'Rolla Pinerre' was Featured on the intro to the DVD courtesy Bifocal Media.

2008: "The Science: Epiphenomena"
currently being recorded on at Virginia Tech studios and the famed "Looking Glass Studio's" ( set for 1st Quarter release in 2008.

Set List

Typical set ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.