The Science Fiction Addiction

The Science Fiction Addiction


From Penticton, British Columbia, The Science-Fiction Addiction is a project that is purely genuine. Every thought that goes into every word or riff written in every song, is an honest one. All we can hope is that you, the listener, can see that.


Growing up in Penticton, BC, even when we all were still in high school, for a smaller city we created a decent musical scene. Although at the time we were all part of different musical endeavors, we did a lot of growing together. After graduation many people that held the scene together moved away, to take on different things in life. Almost all the bands from back then cease to exist. But the four people left of that scene, out on a limb deciding to get together for just good company and fun, this project was created, and has started to take over our lives. If I tried to give direct influences, I don't think I would be able to. We are all incredibly open minded when it comes to music, anything that shows true genuine love for music, we can appreciate.

Our EP will be done and mastered probably in, a month and a half.

Although we all do listen to different music on our own time, I think what we're creating is definitely what we truly want to be creating as a whole.


Just to Hang Out

Written By: Josh Buchholtz

How do you sit next to me,
How do you tell me everything,
That I need to
know how do you make believe
that this is as good for you as it is for me

its sad
but true
sitting all alone
in your room

i've covered our tracks
we wont' be needing them
we won't be looking back
i'll be that stain on your bedroom floor
i'll be that nook on your bathroom door
just to hang out

a little awkward eye contact
never hurt anybody
my eyes are lost but they'll come back
this happens all the time

I said the stars fell from the sky
and there in your eyes
I said I’d wait for you this time,
But not this life
You said the stars fell from the sky
and there in my eyes
You said you’d wait for me this time
But not this life


The Sci-Fi Convention EP

Set List

Winning is Everything
Despise Your Eyes
Just To Hang Out

It's about a 30 minute set, sometimes we throw in a cover.
Songs we've covered:

Brand New - Seventy times 7
Something Corporate - Fall
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag