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The Scorseses

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Progressive




"The Scorseses: Ska / Not Ska"

"Take some funk groove, a ladle of prog rock rock, an injection of ska, intelligent lyrics, and an uncompromising attitude – blend vigorously and pour into an oversize shotglass and you’ve got an approximation of their sound." - HumidCity

"It's New Orleans Happy Hour - The Lesbian, the Witch, The Scorseses and Tony Clifton, September 2013"

The Lesbian, the Witch, The Scorseses and Tony Clifton
Legendary Tony Clifton rubs shoulders with lesbian-cop creator Paige Bernhardt, Pagan Pride witch Ty Siddiqui, and NOLA's next big thing The Scorseses.
- It's New Orleans

"It's New Orleans Happy Hour - Viva Survival NOLA!, February 2013"

Happy Hour - Viva Survival NOLA! Ultimate badass, star of Man Woman Wild, Mykel Hawke explains why it’s vital to carry a lighter, our main mind man, Thomas Fewer has a party plan to embrace and celebrate yourself, while Vince and Dave from The Scorseses have to learn to say no. - It's New Orleans

"Twisted South Best of Presents: The Scorseses & Devon Allman, July 2013"

Radio interview with Twisted South that was added to their "Best Of" series - Twisted South Radio

"The Scorseses: Debut 'Magnumopus', September 2013"

The fusion of the reggae rhythms and high-energy rock is what makes The Scorseses one of the more unique bands in the city of New Orleans. - New Orleans Unplugged

"Album Review, October 2013"

"An amazing, unpredictable album from a band that was already at the top of their game." - Greg Roques - Where Y'at Magazine

"Voodoo Preview: What The Scorseses Are Not, October 2013"

Musically, The Scorseses are far more musically involved than most straight-ahead ska bands. You can hear prog touches and ideas that require chops to play in their new album, Magnumopus, and ska only really manifests itself a spring at the rhythmic core of the songs. They embrace the punk spirit, but they want to execute their songs that are about something as well. - My Spilt Milk

"The Seriously Not-So-Serious Evolution of the Scorseses onto the Voodoo Stage, October 2013"

Interview with the band for Where Y'at Magazine's special Voodoo Festival edition - Where Y'at Magazine

"Shreveport Catalyst, December 2012: The Scorseses"

"The Scorseses have been giving hope to band nerds everywhere. One day, when the braces come off and the acne fades, the saxophone might actually be a catalyst, rather than an encumbrance, to getting laid. With the grimiest percussion, The Scorseses have created a fantasy of the urban underbelly that sounds sexy and cinematic, rather than in need of an intervention."
- Shreveport Catalyst - Shreveport Catalyst

"Picklescoop Podcast #53: Band Interview"

Podcast Episode #53, EP Release Interview - Picklescoop

"Anti-Gravity Magazine, June 2011: Album Review"

"On their debut EP, this seven-piece rock band shows their musical chops. The Scorseses blend a mature brand of ska into their progressive rock songs. Vincent Ebeier provides an amazingly powerful lead vocal to the backdrop of a tight and syncopated rhythm section. The Scorseses seem to be begging for you to notice them on this five-song showcase. It is undoubtedly radio friendly and full of poppy hooks. Focused guitar progressions and virtuoso style bass lines are beefed up by the band's powerful horn section and the keyboards provide a common ambience throughout the album. The lyrics seem to be linked by a theme of positivity and escape from everyday life. Overall, this is an impressive studio debut form a band that has already established itself as a polished, powerful group of live performers." - Anti-Gravity Magazine

"Where Y'at Magazine, April 2011: Album Review"

“Even though all of us try to soar to greater heights/we’ll proabbly all die trying twice” sings lead vocalist Vincent Ebeier on the opening track “Leia is not your sister.” Fortunately for The Scorseses, they deliver a solid debut on their first EP Presenting…The Scorseses. An even measure of radio-ready alt.

rock and ska—occasionally spiced with funk for added groove and psychedelic flavoring— their combination of styles gives birth to a fun sound that is welcomingly familiar, yet distinct. Like many alt. rock acts, the lyrics bleed from the open wound of a dead relationship. However, rather than perpetually pick at the scab, they focus on healing the past and moving forward—and always with a clever, often animated, delivery. “Drink the Blood of Spacely Sprocket”—the album’s standout track—makes an analogy for one’s search for meaning with a lost spaceship questing the universe for a new frontier. “Rabbithole” features equally picturesque story telling complemented by funky, surf instrumentation. The high-energy closer “Bury the Day” ends the album with a refrain that hammers off like a machine gun, sure to ignite a mosh pit during a live performance. If Presenting…The Scorceses is any indication, The Scorseses career will certainly soar to great heights during 2011.—Greg Roques - Where Y'at Magazine

"Where Y'at Magazine, April 2011: "One's To Watch""

The Scorseses were born and raised in and around the New Orleans Metro area and the band members are DAMN proud of it!!! These guys are a hoot and definitely someone to keep your eye on. Where Y’at Magazine recently had the opportunity to chat some with these up and coming local musical legends simply as The Scorseses, and what they had to say is quite a surprise.

Vincent Ebeier: Vocals, Percussion—Metairie, La. David Latino: Guitar, Vocals; Metairie, La. David Demarest: Bass Guitar—New Orleans, La. Chris Noto: Drums—Gentilly, La. Jerell Rodriguez: Keyboards—Metairie, La. Jimmie Reamey: Trumpet, Trombone—Bridge City, La. Danny Nixdorff: Tenor and Baritone Saxophones—New Orleans, La.

Where Y’at: how did you all come together as a band? Chris Noto: All of us have crossed paths at some time either in the local rock music scene or local bar. Mainly Nicks on Tulane. Vince Ebeier, David Latino, and I began talking about putting a band together in June 2009 after realizing a shared passion for music in the punk rock, ska, and reggae genres. We then set out for a bass player fluent in punk/ska/ jazz/reggae and found NOCCA trained bassist Dave Demarest. These members became the core and foundation of the songwriting effort. Within the following eight months we wrote songs, added Jerell Rodriguez on keys, and went thru five different horn players until only Jimmie Reamey and Danny Nixdorff remained. It was a looooong haaaard year of good and bad gigs leading up to our present lineup and set list. It’s pretty hard to find solid, dedicated, focused musicians in this city that aren’t already involved in other projects.

Wyat: What are some of your musical influences? Vincent ebeier: Each member’s influence is very diverse in respect to his instrument. We all grew up overloaded by MTV, underground bootleg mixtapes, cd’s and dvd’s, and more recently iTunes and YouTube. The plus of growing up in the New Orleans area exposed us to the riches of legends like Rebirth, Dr. John, and The Meters. We’ve collectively named artists like RX Bandits, NOFX, Glassjaw, The Misfits, At The Drive In, Iron Maiden, Sublime, Minus The Bear, The Police, Rush, Bob Marley, Chicago, Queen, and even

Michael McDonald as huge influences. Like most Generation X’ers we’re a bunch of media sponges.

Wyat: how would you describe your sound for someone that has never had the privilege of experiencing The scorseses? Jerell rodriguez: The Scorseses is an original songwriting oriented band. Our foundation lies in rock and punk ska; upbeat rhythms, fast tempos, quick chord progressions, popping horns, and strong vocal melodies. But we also hint around elements of indie rock, funk, thrash metal, hip-hop, blues, and 1930s big band jazz. The diversity is what we and our fans feel help create a Scorseses original sound. WyaT: What makes you different from other rock and ska style bands in the area?

Danny Nixdorff: We’re not trying to emulate or be a copy act. We don’t wanna write songs that sound like another format or steal another bands image. Appreciation and knowledge of popular, mainstream, underground, and classic oldies music, regardless of style, is a huge part of us. Staying true to ourselves and where we come from is our creed. This attitude sometimes sets us apart from the typical act, but it also relates us to the bands, artist, and fans who share the same drive and passion. We love that!!!

WyaT: how has digital media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. helped you get your name out there? Dave Latino: It helped us just like it helped your Grandma let everyone know about her hip replacement or what your brother-in-law is having for dinner as he rants about BP!! LOL!! We’ll go along with whatever the newest hottest social network is and try to stay on top of the changing trends.

Thr crappy bands will out number you and the legendary bands will overshadow you— don’t get caught up in the hype!
WyaT: how are you guys handling digital media in regards to iTunes, etc. to get your music out there?

Jimmy reamey: The core of the band selfmanages and is treating The Scorseses as a small business. We feel that digital and physical distribution are the only way to network and make contacts. We went through the usual pre-packaged deals with Discmakers, which guides you thru the iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and CD baby setup. Our EPK is setup and we are scheduled to have online media and merchandise distribution by the end of March. We will also be expanding distribution to markets around the U.S.

Wyat: When you recorded your new CD, was there a specific theme or inspiration that drove you guys? David Demarest: The Scorseses are the everyday working man that dreams of something more at the end of the mediocre work day. Love, teachers, rock stars, heroes, and astronauts are our inspiration for the songs we write. We are also very proud of the amazing artwork that published comic sketch-artist LattieInk did for the EP. It continues that theme perf - Where Y'at Magazine

"Offbeat Magazine, July 2011: Album Review"

Ska’s the launching pad for the Scorseses, and it’s never clearer than on “Drink the Blood of Spacely Sprocket,” a Jetsons reference that seems done once it connects us to the future and space. Ska shows up in the minimal horn section that adds punctuation marks to a melodic guitar part, while the ghost of ska’s pogo-stick rhythm bounces underneath. When the verse kicks in, it moves into a more modern rock mode that, like Mutemath, builds something contemporary from refashioned versions of classic parts. Singer Vincent Ebeier carries the melody while the band percolates along, building tension to the chorus, which he detonates, singing, “In my spaceship,” after which the horns reappear and the ska vibe and bounce return.

Throughout this five-song EP, the Scorseses show similar invention, and it’s easy to hear how this could find a big audience. Ebeier’s voice is urgent without being strident, and someone in the band’s always pushing the momentum, though the person doing the pushing shifts mid-song. The EP’s not as anarchic as the comic art cover might suggest, but it’s a good start. - Offbeat Magazine

"Press Play Magazine, February 2011: "One's to Watch""

The best thing about bands breaking up is that the members almost always start new projects, and if you're lucky, they do something completely different than what you're used to hearing from them individually. This is the case with The Scorseses. These gents come from so many different traditional genres (indie, alternative, progresssive, rock) to create the sound you hear today. With an electric non-stop live show including covers of "Minnie the Moocher" and some Sublime tracks, this band is extremely proficient at keeping your attention and body moving. - Press Play Magazine





  • Get Some Culture (2010)



In 2011, The Scorseses were recognized as the Best Band Reinventing Their Game by the Best of the Big Easy Awards for Where Yat Magazine. They have also played many festivals including Gulfport Music Festival, Houston Beer Festival, Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo, Houston Oktoberfest, ArtMelt, Heart of Texas RockFest, Red Gorilla Music Festival, as well as rocking everywhere in between. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with many great musicians, including touring with the legendary Fishbone in early 2013, which helped broaden their fan base. This year, they also entered the studio to record their first full-length album, Magnumopus, released on September 28, 2013, and they are honored to have been selected to perform at the Voodoo Experience in New Orleans this November 2013. The Scorseses will be touring with H.R. from Bad Brains on the D.I.A. Global Rock Showcase Tour in 2014 as well, to support their new album.

As musicians, they truly attain contentment through their musical expression and the connection that is made with music enthusiasts. This zeal for harmonious mastery drives their music to new levels. They feel fortunate to claim New Orleans as their birthplace, and that the citys rhythm and harmony exists within their souls. There are many musical genres that heavily impact how their sound has developed, and a combination of funk, metal, jazz, reggae, and rock comprises the foundation. They inspire each other musically and continue to be motivated by new and innovative ideas from fellow artists. They take pride in high energy live performances while it is difficult to describe in words, a live show must be experienced to be fully appreciated. They have recently upgraded their lineup to include a full horn section, completing the eight-person group. The Scorseses could be described as high energy, horn-driven progressive rock with a subtle punk and New Orleans funk undertone. With focused guitar riffs bolstered by driving bass lines and a powerful horn section, The Scorseses present a measure of radio-ready alt-rock that is familiar, yet distinct.