The Scott Miles Foundation

The Scott Miles Foundation

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Working to realize the potential of mind through the power of music.


The Scott Miles Foundation is devoted to helping people who struggle with impairments of cognitive function. It is charged with playing a role in making life better for those who suffer from mental illness, addiction, and the overall challenges posed by the difficulty of seeing the world as it truly is. Its motto is “working to realize the potential of mind through the power of music”.

At the core of this organization is a group of musicians. Every penny of the net proceeds from the sale, on their website, of their upcoming album, “If Not Now”, will go to help those in need. The lyrics and music for this album were written by Scott Miles.

Scott has been playing music since he was nine years old. His grandmother died from a brain tumor, and he inherited her piano. When Scott was nineteen, he was diagnosed with a brain disorder of his own. He left college and ended up homeless.

He was without a home, but never without music. Scott played harmonica on the street for spare change. He would sneak into churches in order to practice on their pianos. After over a decade, his struggle to fix what was wrong with the world, and what was wrong with him, ended, when he realized the beauty of life as it is, in the present moment. Scott believes that this realization is reflected in his songs, hence the album title, “If Not Now”.

He returned to school, and graduated at the top of his class with three bachelor's degrees: in biology, psychology, and philosophy. He is devoted to helping others overcome difficulties associated with the brain. He now works as a research assistant in the laboratory of a Harvard Medical School neurologist. His wife is pursuing a master’s degree at Lesley University here in Cambridge, MA, studying to become an art therapist. To them, the efforts of science cannot be separated from the healing capacity of creative expression.

The album features Tommy Hageman of “Right On”, a world-famous band that has played for the US Senate, Melanie Waters and Jess Willoughby of “The Deloreans”, who have toured up and down the East Coast, Dahna Rowe of “Car 44”, a nationally signed recording artist, Avelino Pitts, who has toured Europe with Joe Cocker. These people are all dear friends of Scott's, and he has been playing with them for years. Also playing on the album are the world-renowned Boston String Quartet, who have played Carnegie Hall and for audiences ranging from Laura Bush to Bill Cosby.


"If Not Now"- full length, 13-song album, to be completed in January 2011 and nationally released in April 2011