The Scratches

The Scratches


Original acoustic music that is classically moody, boldly brooding and slightly atmospheric.


The Scratches were formed in extremely late, cold, and dark December 2006 with the intention of creating a fusion of classical music with moody, romantic, rock. The sound is all-acoustic, with soaring violin and ethereal vocals over a background of piano, guitar, and mandolin. The songs and melodies, while retaining roots in classic pop craftsmanship, seldom go where expected. The Scratches intend to evoke New England in all its aspects, and to demonstrate that music suitable for quiet, intimate settings can be as intricate and emotionally unrestrained as music created for larger venues.


First album, "The Scratches' First Album" released on Sling Slang Records.

Set List

I'm gonna change my life tonight.
Change your colors.
I have no lullaby.
Underneath her pillow.
I cannot sleep.
You could always write it down.
Let her burn.
Let's crush twigs.
The Rakes are out to Stay.
Time me.
Words Cannot Describe the Disappointment.
"No time in the world."
"Just nothing."

cover songs: Hiroshima, Mon Amour (Ultravox), Strange Love (Depeche Mode), The Great Dominions (The Teardrop Explodes), Sister Europe (Psychedelic Furs)