The Screaming Bluedogs

The Screaming Bluedogs


If Blues has been dead for 30 years, why still play it? Because people still *get* the blues. The Screaming Bluedogs take Blues traditions and mix them with Dance/Trance elements of today. This 1-2 combo gets people bumping and grinding in their seats AND on the dance floor!


For over ten years The Screaming Bluedogs have given Chicago area audiences huge helpings of Chess-style blues, colored by jazz and rock influences. Of late the band has been moving into the twenty-first century by adding modern dance beats and techniques to the traditional blues sound. In this way the group hopes to create new music, expanding the genre while remaining true to the traditions that inspired them, and continue to be their guiding light. The Screaming Bluedogs were formed in 1990 by guitarist Kevin Maring, who had already developed a commanding vocabulary on his instrument. The intention was not to exclusively feature virtuoso soloing, as so many have done, but to develop an ensemble sound, one capable of expressing many moods and styles, while retaining a consistent sound of it's own. Through several personnel changes this ideal has remained constant, as has the concept of a blues band not merely to party to, or to reproduce the great sounds of the past, but to express the frustrations of our technological, impersonal age. The band released it's self-titled debut CD in spring 1998 and garnered radio play from east to west coast and as far as Europe. Aside from several festival dates the band continued to play mostly in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, expanding their audience with each new date. The second album, Take What I Find, uses the innovations of performers like R.L. Burnside as a jumping off point, and it brings out a fresh, innovative approach to the blues, while not abandoning more traditional sounds. This infectious mix of styles has old and new fans of the band jumping out of their seats. With one eye on the past, and one on the future, the Screaming Bluedogs have much to offer, and would make an excellent choice for any engagement.


#1 The Screaming Bluedogs (1998)
#2 Take What I Find (2002)
#3 Next Phase (currently in production!)

Set List

We currently are prepared to play as much as three (3) 45/60 minute sets or as little as one set. We've got three different band line-ups to choose from; if you want Jazz, straight Blues, Electrolive, or a combonation of the three.

We do covers that people know. Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Sam Cooke, B.B. King, Buddy Guy,