The Screens

The Screens


The Screens deliver dirty, loud rock n' roll and charted on CMJ top 200 at 79 remaining there for over 10 weeks. They had the honor of an exclusive bump on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] programing blck the week of Feb. 26-March 5, 2006.


Exclusive bump on [Adult Swim] programing block Feb. 27-March 7, 2006!

Charted number 11 on CMJ's top 20 college radio adds for the week July 20th, 2004, and landed at 179. Climbed to number 79 on CMJ's top 200 after 3 weeks with a self-released EP and remained on the radar of the charts for more than 10 weeks.

"Mixing vintage garage rock with punkish roots and elements of psychedelica into a heady brew of their own creation, the Screens are perhaps the best unsigned band in America right now. This is the kind of no-frills rock & roll that Bomp! Records founder Greg Shaw practically invented (or at least nurtured), the Screens delivering a potent musical elixir to chase away those corporate-rock blues." MONDOGORDO.COM - ALT CULTURE GUIDE, JAN.05

“…they’re like being run over by a train carrying The Kinks, Jet and The Hives. They’re loud, they’re fast, and they possess a lot of power.” RIFT MAGAZINE DECEMBER, 2004

“I can't tell you how special it is to have a 3-song EP from a first time, self-released band this high [on the CMJ charts]. It says something about how good the music is.” JERRY STELLER, VITRIOL RADIO PROMOTION

"The Screens [are] the first 'unsigned' band in years [i] really [have] any belief in." MIHKEL RAUD, BEATWIRE.COM


The Self-tittled EP includes:
"Honey", "Fluorescent" and "$2 haze."

"Friends With Benefits"
CD Benefit Compilation includes:
"Soul Sister"

Set List

The Screens play original music and will occsionally throw in a few choice covers from acts such as The Ramones, Judas Priest, Motorhead, and Nirvana. The typical set is 45 - 60 minutes but the band can play up to three 60 minute sets if necessary.