the scribbled out man

the scribbled out man


power pop trio pushing beatlesque tunes crossed with queen style arrangments.


The Scribbled Out Man is a fab new rock group from toronto. The group has four members and each man plays a musical instrument and sings... And when the sounds of these instruments and voices blend together in harmony - the resulting effect has been called "serendipitous".

Bassist Douglas Friesen says,"I feel one of our strong points is our facility with the art of musical arranging. This talent gives our ensemble a crucial edge - in concert and in the studio. Linklater can write songs for us in a broad array of styles - folk rock, psychedelic folk rock, power-pop, and even bitchin' cock rock- and we can always deliver a tight, poppin arrangement... with just the right vocal and instrumental colours!"

The "Linklater" to which he refers is Paul. This shaggy haired fella provides electric guitar playing for The Scribbled Out Man.

"I also play acoustic guitar too!", he says. To some it might seem implausible that one young man can play two different instruments in the same band- now just imagine what it would be like if there was a person who could play virtually every kind of instrument on the market today. Well wait till you get a load of multi-instrumentalist Janstorm Isley at next Scribbled Out Man concert. He is that dude.

"To me," intones this denizen of European Jazz, "I scoff at rock. To play rock, I can use virtually any instrument with equal talent. ha, ha ha to play such simple music. To me, each different instrument is like a different flavour of, what you say... candy?"

Judging by that previous statement, one might think the scribbled out men are Jazz snobs. I have a feeling that the following statement, made recently by percussionist Don Kerr, with dispell that notion.

"God I hate Jazz!" howl'd the fiery scotsman. "I only like good solid rock. Its the only music that tells the truth...the only style that really gets me goin in the mornin"

"Well what about Hard Bop?"

"Hard Bop! Hard fookin' Bop? I'll hard bop you, ya wanker!"

Anyway you can imagine what happened next! But lets face facts. This Bio has gone on long enough and sure, I could sit here puttin' together vignettes about the Scribbled Out Man all day long till I was blue in the face. But there's only one thing I know for sure: those dudes have got style.


all different - lp - 2004
circa 65 - ep 2005 video

Set List

Pocket of His Jeans
The Believers
Get Yer Wings
Must B. Loved
Outta Touch Mind
Sunshine Crippled My Eyes
Some Kinda Stupid
Unwritten Song
Song from Hell
Oh October
You Are It
money belt
postcard to furruk balsarah
truck called stardust
love song no. 14
circa 65

typical set 50 minutes with 12 or 13 songs

typical cover 'baba o'reilly', 'sign, sealed, delivered', 'here comes the sun' if covers ever played