The Scrubbers

The Scrubbers

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Do you know The Pogues? The Tossers? Flogging Molly? Yes? Well, now you know The Scrubbers too! We are an energetic, Traditional Irish "Punk" Rock band out of Milwaukee, WI. Our fans always have a good time rocking out with us, dancing and drinking to some good ol' Irish music.


The Scrubbers started out as a 4 man irish band based out of Milwaukee in the summer of 2006. Quickly increasing in size to 6 members within months of starting, The Scrubbers are fueled with energy - and Guinness - the band brings dance and fun loving irish tunes to the ears of many.

Playing regularly around Southeastern Wisconsin, The Scrubbers have played at Trinity Pub in downtown Milwaukee, O'Marros Publik House in Oshkosh, and most notably, Turner Hall - supporting The Tossers on St. Patrick's day in 2009. As a 6 member crew, the personalities are diverse which makes for a lot of fun.

Words to describe the band: Awesome, Rockin, Timely, Charismatic



Sleeping at the Gate | 2007
One in the Chamber | 2009

Set List

Our music selection can go from 30 min. to 3 hours [w/ minor breaks], depending on needs of the venue.