The Sea Captains

The Sea Captains

 Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

With infectious melodies, smart lyrics, and driving rock 'n' roll, The Sea Captains will have you singing along so loudly you won't be able to talk the next day. The Sea Captains cannot be held responsible for any songs stuck in your head for days.


The Sea Captains are the Frankenstein's monster of the rock and roll world. Born of a thousand different pieces from a thousand different places they are simultaneously a revived college band, a Christmas band, and something entirely new--with a dash of rambling from someone who may have watched too much Fraggle Rock as a child. The Sea Captains are a rock band. They are a pop band. By day they are a quintet of perfect gentlemen who you would love to host your family function. By night, they positively drip with playful sexuality and can hardly keep the fans from rushing the stage. They are The Wiggles meets Aerosmith. They are garage rock and acoustic dinner ambiance.

The Sea Captains are fun incarnate.

To listen to their debut album "Unfathomable" is to tour through all of these experiences and more, and yet it remains unmistakable that this is the consistent sound of one band. Vocalist Tim Collins, rhythm guitarist Adam Flaherty, bassist Marty Morrissey, drummer Chris St. Lawrence and lead guitarist Carl Hansen have made it their mission to provide a rock experience that not only delivers the catchy riffs and sing-along lyrics that an audience craves, but to do it without the creepy facades of their gloomy-gus contemporaries. The Sea Captains know how to have a good time and it shows. Go ahead and take their picture, they'll SMILE for it. How many rock bands will do THAT?


Unfathomable - LP
Crust and Slush - Christmas EP

Set List

Total, we have two and a half hours of music, depending on the occasion/venue. We have an hour-long set of original, high-energy pop/rock that will keep a crowd on their feet and thirsty. We have another set of rockin' covers from the past two decades. We also have a Christmas set with 4 originals and the rest classic covers with a Sea Captains twist.