The S.E.A.D.

The S.E.A.D.


The S.E.A.D. is a Funk-Fusion Experience. We feature tightly written songs, inspired improvisation, and funky grooves. We incorporate the elements of funk, blues, jazz, swing, and hip-hop among others. The S.E.A.D. brings music for the body, mind, and SOUL.


The SEAD brings the funky grooves. We feature a great amount of both individual and group improvisation, though always within a tightly composed song structure. All of the band members are professional performers and have dedicated their live to the study, composition, and performance of music. We have survived many instrumentations and incarnations and have finally settled on the one lineup that will carry the funk to the masses.
We have been fortunate enough to open for national headliners Karl Denson's Tiny Universe (11/10/05) and Perpetual Groove (1/12/06).
The SEAD's sound is decidedly different from other comtemporary bands. We are deeply steeped and knowledgeable in tradition, but, instead of merely attempting to recreate the past, we use that knowledge as a guide for breaking new boundaries. In short, we put the old with the new to create a music that can be appreciated by all. We provide music for the Body, Mind, and SOUL.


Meat on the Bone

Written By: William Callahan

You say have class, but I say you have none
In the line of fire see how fast you run
Staring fear in the face is how you will know,
If you're gonna bake bread or just play w/ the dough.
You toe the line with everything that you've got
The wood on your tree will grow tall or will rot
Man come along to chop your tree down,
Will you let him chop you all the way to the ground?
The card are dealt new to us every day
Are you gonna take the big hit or you gonna stay?
unless you take that hit, then you never get high,
But who wants their head floating up in the sky?
Like a bird who floats up w/ such freedom and grace
Staying up above and out of the the race
Without that race don't know how fast you can go
You don't know what you go until you come to the show;
Those lights will make you hot and they will make you sweat,
as long as the burn bright, no, you can't quit yet
Standing on the stage w/ all those eyes a burning
Don't take a wrong step they will take you in
Lock you up and throw away the key,
How can you know truth if you never see?


We have a self-released live EP from our support show for Karl Denson's Tiny Universe on 11/10/05.

Set List

We prefer playing our original music, though enjoy the opportunity to interpret cover songs for longer shows. We have played anything from a 30 minute support show to a 3 hour club/restaraunt gig (3 50 min. sets). Here is a typical setlist from a headlining show at The Social in Orlando from 2/16/06:

Puffer, B.
Chameleon (Herbie Hancock)>
Hey Pocky-a-way (The Meters)>
Cissy Struy (The Meters)>
Hey Pocky-a-way
Stormy Monday (blues standard)
DD Jam
So Pure
It Remains to be Seen (funk standard)
The Chicken (funk standard)
Meat on the Bone
3rd Stone from the Sun (Hendrix)>
Breathe (Pink Floyd)

encore: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (funk standard)