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The Seams, caught somewhere between the roaring 20's and the future, are proud to release their debut album, "Castaway Motel". The band combines whiskey-country and prohibition-era jazz with pop hooks and in a compelling live show they’re winning over new fans nightly.
Founding members Cameron Latimer, Rueben deGroot and Adam Dobres have been playing and writing together since 2002 and came to this collaboration from various other projects. The Seams feature a unique brand of vocal style with Marissa Johnston, Cameron Latimer and Rueben deGroot all trading lead vocals while the others add sublime harmony.
The exceptional lead guitar talents of Adam Dobres and Juno award winner, Steve Dawson’s
pedal steel and Wiessenborn skills give a distinct flavour to the Seams‘ original sound. Steve Matheson (Bass) formerly of the WPP, and Dave Moran (drums), formerly of Alpha Yaya Diallo, provide the band’s solid rhythm.

With contemporary influences ranging from Lyle Lovett to Wilco, and roots that go back to artists like Paul Simon, Gram Parsons, EmmyLou Harris, and Django Rienhardt, The Seams tip their hats to their heros without falling over themselves. The songs’ subjects are as diverse as their styles, the characters are depraved and hopeless but always witty and funny. From the texas hill-billy rock of The Ballad of Brian Lewis, a cryptic murder-suicide ballad, to the
pathetically funny prison romance of Jailbird, sung in The Seams’ unique vocal duo style, it would appear that The Seams can redeem any hopeless wreck. The John Player Special’s slow 70’s groove is a typical example of how the band refuses to play any one style and Duel in Ragtime’s Chet Atkins-esque romp gives the listener more than a little idea of how this
band can heat up the live stage.


The Ballad of Brian Lewis

Written By: The Seams

I can hear the irregular breathing of my smoking lover's heart as she lies next to me sleeping.
She complains it's the dusty road.
It's dry and hot and God, how it blows.

I wake up to the smell of her hair and the way smoke curls in the still air.

I can hear the irregular beating.
It's the law at the door and I'm no longer sleeping.
We're out at the end of this dusty road.
There's only one way in and if they're here they know.

She never wakes up to this midnight air to feel gunsmoke curling from her red hair.

Well, I pick up her nervous habits and her last cigarette and I march down the stairs to smoke my final regrets.
I'm quitting quite earnestly now just the gas furnace in me.

I wake up to the smell of her hair and the way smoke curls in the still air.


Written By: The Seams

I have to admit that you're the only one who can get me out of this.
Step one is "I'm in" and step two is getting you to visit.

I can't kiss you while I'm locked away.
It's just a glass wall and a phone.

Everytime you walk away I wish you weren't so underpaid.
But you're just my legal-aid.
But if you think my parole's worth reviewing, then it'll be you I'll be pursuing.

Do you remember the day we both stood in front of the judge?
I grabbed your hand you pulled away, and then the judge declared me insane.

I love you and I miss you.
Don't forget about me.
'Cause Butch burned your name on my knuckles.

I wouldn't be in such a mess if I lived at your return address.
But you're at Penn State and I'm in the state penn.
How can you not see this love was meant to be?


2004 - The Castaway Motel
2001-2003 - various unofficial demos, bootlegs & ep's

Set List

the ballad of brian lewis
the jon player special
the derby
things are gonna get worse
duel n'ragtime
the slow country #
the ballad of brian fowler
the queen of surrey
cheap watch
lunimum heart
one drink
if you had mine
wrong direction

one less set o' footsteps (jim croce)
dirty work (steely dan)