The Sean Hennessy-Brose Band

The Sean Hennessy-Brose Band


TSHBB brings together some of Australia's finest musicians to perform original jazz/funk/soul/disco music. Members include 2010 Jazz Aria winners Naomi Crellin and Sally Cameron.Read Beat Magazine review here:


The professionalism, innovation and vast experience of the members set The Sean Hennessy-Brose Band apart from the rest. For over 6 years, band leader/composer/pianist/keytar virtouso Sean Hennessy-Brose has been wowing crowds in Sydney and Melbourne with his innovative blend of jazz/funk/soul/disco music. "With such passionate verve it's hard not to get wrapped up in the spirit of it all. Sean Hennessy-Brose dazzles with his elegant skillfulness on the keyboard.... Tonight's sound track reminds me of an old movie full of suspense during that final chase scene. With such an eclectic package of sounds, from sad to spirited, cheeky or chilled, The Sean Hennessy-Brose Band jizzy jazz their way into the good music books in a jiffy" Beat Magazine
"An appealing blend of craft and curiousity" The Melbourne Age


First studio EP to be released Mid 2011

Set List

Stage requirements vary according to the gig. TSHBB has performed with as many as seven musicians on stage. The instruments were: Trumpet, Sax, Electric Bass, Electric Guitar, Keys, Vox (soprano) Vox (alto)