The Sea Over Eli

The Sea Over Eli

 Valencia, California, USA

We are an indie rock band drawing on influences from bands like The Shins and The Foo Fighters. We strive to provide a very diverse set list for our listeners and make songs that are fun to listen to, but not the same old thing.


The Sea Over Eli is an Indie/Alternative rock quartet from the greater Los Angeles area. Stemming from collaboration between Boston born songwriter Graham Peck and Los Angeles native and guitarist Blake Baldwin, The Sea Over Eli is breaking new ground in familiar territories with their simple yet clever musical sensibility. Taking influences from bands like The Shins, The Black Keys, MuteMath, Counting Crows, Death Cab for Cutie, Incubus and many others, The Sea Over Eli covers a sonic landscape that can be as reflective and as energetic as anything you’ve ever heard. Completing the group with jazz musicians Evan Jiroudek and Caroline Cirone on drums and bass respectively, the group has an eclectic sound sure to catch even the most seasoned audiences attention. Looking forward, the band has announced their first release for the Fall of 2011 with concerts and other events in Los Angeles area.


EP- Architects (set to release Spring 2012)

Single- Names in the Pavement