The End Times

The End Times


Original songs about life at the onset of extinction.


Prayer disguised as sin for a nation stunted by guilt, stunned by opulence and numb from the terror of living through Armageddon. A vein of truth waits to be mined and The End Times want to sell you a map.

Drawing from various 20th Century folk traditions, The End Times confront the unanswerable questions for this final generation with only one conclusion to share: Everyone is wrong about whatever they believe.

Since 2007, The End Times have performed in Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia -- recorded with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders (Detroit) and Conrad Uno at Egg Studios (Seattle) -- been added to rotation on KEXP 90.3 FM, performed live on Evergreen College's KAOS 89.3 FM and featured on KMTT 103.7 FM (The Mountain)'s "King of the Mountain" local music program.

All requests for information are welcomed -- we have great things to confide in whispers over strong drink.


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Set List

Thirty to forty-five minute set of original songs, including:

Brave Enough To Dare
To Fail With Grace
Lonely In A Crowd
Cursed With Hot Blood
We're Not Safe Here
Days of Plenty
Stay Where You Are
Eye On The Storm

And others ...