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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Real People Enjoy Life : These Are Them"

There’s a fine line between being artfully artless* and actually incompetent. The closer you get to the divide, the riskier your enterprise becomes, but sometimes – just sometimes – it’s worth all the danger because the returns can be phenomenal. When I say ‘artless’ here, what I’m trying to express is that sense of effortless naïveté that defines many of my favourite performers; the sense that the musicians involved have never even seen their instruments before, let alone played them, but that they instinctively know how to make them work, how to get the sound they want from them. It’s what made acts like Bauhaus and Dylan sound so natural. Hell, it’s what made Frank so special.

To start a band and be unique is hard. How many acts in the charts can you honestly call new? To pick up your instruments knowing that millions before you have done the same and that you have to find something different, something new, something good, takes a rare kind of courage. ‘New’ in pop music is a subjective term, of course. If we really wanted new we’d turn to the avant garde classicists, and the abortive twentieth century exertions of Boulez, Schoenberg, et al can testify that ‘new’ is tantamount to ‘unlistenable’. ‘New’ in the world of pop is taking existing elements – drums, bass, guitars, a singer – and putting them together in a way that displaces the inherent familiarity.

It is in this spirit that I present These Are Them, and their EP Real People Enjoy Life. This music is new, this music is effortless, this music is important. - Eaten by monsters

"Real People Enjoy These Are Them"

These Are Them make a most welcome comeback with their newest EP, "Real People Enjoy Life." If you liked their last release, you'll love this one. There is a certain post-punk itch that can only be scratched by gems like the ones you'll find on this EP. Don't seek further medical attention until you’ve heard the ever-maturing music of These Are Them's latest. Electronic elements polish their already genius sound and compliment the singer's Love Like Blood vocal style. Warning: this is a highly addictive anti-itch ointment, so don't waste it on background noise! - Zorch Factory Records


These Are Them have recorded 3 EPs in the last year.

The latter two have been published on the French post-punk internet label

In addition the latest EP 'Real People Enjoy Life' received an excellent review on respected music blog Eaten by Monsters, who were one of the blogs chosen to decide the 'Blog Sound of 2013'.

Real People Enjoy Life from the latest EP has been played on internet station Acacia Radio.



These Are Them are a 3-piece pop band based in the salubrious London neighbourhood of Holloway. They have been playing since summer 2011 and have graced the stage of most toilets in the capital.

We have been described as "Artfully artless" by the blog: Eaten by Monsters and also as a "Thinking man's A-Ha as fronted by Ian Curtis."