The best bits of britpop and punk ran amok in a sweet shop


These Are Your Friends hail from Newcastle, UK; singer /songwriter and bassist brothers Karl and Kris Douthwaite formed the band in 2007. They were aiming for a sound that fused their love of early 90's Britpop and epic alt-americana. After a series of short-lived lineup and name changes they were introduced to singer/songwriter Neil McBride and drummer Kevin Henderson, who were persuaded to help out for a month or two. 18 months on, they have shoehorned their own ramshackle set of influences into the sound. The foursome are now ready to commit said sound to tapeā€¦..

TheseAreYourFriends are currently locked away recording a debut album scheduled for release in Summer 2010.

Set List

Are You Ready
Cant Stand The Music
Thinking About You
Which Way To Go
She Was Mad
To The Bay

We have a back up of around 9 songs that can be added into the set to make it longer.

Set lasts around 25-30 mins usually.