The Sea Shall Not Have Them

The Sea Shall Not Have Them


"A beautifully captivating melange of post-rock, electronic flourishes and angular riffs, as well as one of Brisbane’s most promising bands..." Matt O'Neill - Time Off Magazine Brisbane May 21, 2008


THE SEA SHALL NOT HAVE THEM (TSSNHT) made its live debut in May 2006 as a one man instrumental act (Curt Emerton – guitars / bass / noises / samples), swiftly drawing comparisons to the soundscapes of early Cure, Pink Floyd and Mogwai, as well as influential 90’s bands Failure & Swervedriver.

The band made its live debut as a 2 piece in early 2007, with the welcome addition of Mat Wilton on drums. Mat’s percussive firepower transformed the early versions of Curt’s songs into something else entirely, adding a more organic “live” feel to the sound.

THE SEA SHALL NOT HAVE THEM recorded their debut 6 track e.p. in November 2007, locking themselves away at Airlock Studios Brisbane with engineer Emerson Bavinton. Incredibly, the recording was finished in just four days, an astonishing feat for the two piece, given the multi layered sounds of the material.

“TRACES” was independently released by the band in February 2008. The release has garnered favourable reviews in the Queensland based street press

Tsunami Magazine’s Jake 3 described the band as “a breath of fresh air for Queensland's post-rock scene… their instrumental soundscapes benefit from contrasting gentle-moving melodies with huge riffs that scream out with urgency…” giving “TRACES” 8 out of 10.

Online music distributor Musicadium made the band a Feature Artist, saying TSSNHT are “turning heads and swaying opinions with their lush, cinematic and yet at times totally rock-n-roll soundscapes… we are highly impressed with this journey into their beautiful, sound-driven world…”

Time Off’s Luke Hudson said “Instrumental rock outfit The Sea Shall Not Have Them create the kind of pretty, ambient sounds showcased in new ep “TRACES”, which sees them tagged as one of Brisbane’s (sic) must-watch outfits this year…”
The band promoted the release of “TRACES” in May/June 2008 with good friends and Brisbane acts THE GONZO SHOW and AHEADPHONEHOME on the “BABY TRACES STATIC” tour.

In reviewing the show at The Zoo Brisbane on May 15, Time Off’s Matt O’Neill described TSSNHT as “a beautifully captivating mélange of post-rock, electronic flourishes and angular riffs, as well as one of Brisbane’s (sic) most promising bands… Tracks like “Fluid” and “Theme From An Airless Room” shimmer with post-apocalyptic melody and wide-screen melancholia and the duo’s ability to govern such gigantic tracks in a live environment will always remain impressive…”

Gold Coast Music Industry Association’s Josie Cooper braved a chilly night in early June at Fisherman’s Wharf to review the official launch party of “TRACES” and was “blown away by the sound that comes from this duo and echoes out across the water. The word ‘big’ just doesn’t cut it… It’s the type of music that’s perfect to listen to with your eyes shut or in a dark room while imagining victorious movie scenes being played out in your head… It has urgency that captures your attention and absorbs you in the sound of the moment as it has done this evening. You could almost lose track of time…”

Having already supported the likes of Magic Dirt and The Red Paintings, The Sea Shall Not Have Them will play sparodic shows to see out 2008, and are continuing to demo new songs, with an eye to start recording their debut album later in the year.


TRACES - EP (2008)

Set List

Endsong... - Sophie And The Spaceman - Untitled No. 1 - Fluid - Since When?- Syrup Floor - Theme From An Airless Room - Second To Last - From Far Away - Stormsong