The Season

The Season


Imagine Switchfoot and Keane in a head on car crash, while driving vehicles made in the 80s. Then imagine that scene on stage, in the form of a band....


If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always be what you’ve always been. Since the Season was conceived in 2002, the band has lived by that statement, striving to find more than just everyday existence, and to bring their discoveries to life in the music they create.

Kurtis Parks is experienced in receiving music industry merits. Parks has won songwriting awards including VH1’s Song of the Year (for his song Everything That You Are) and MOVA’s Songwriter/Composer award. In August 2004, he auditioned for American Idol’s fourth season - and made it. Parks made the trek to Hollywood and went on to become a Top 50 finalist. He was seen by over 40 million viewers in one of the most highly rated shows in the history of television. After his American Idol stint, he headed back home to Roanoke, VA. The national exposure he garnered from Idol lead to a series of local radio interviews and live shows.

Josh Kim was set on a lifelong course inevitably destined for music. After all, Kim learned how to read a musical staff soon after he could read words. At age five, he began studying the piano. At fourteen, he picked up his first guitar and curiosity quickly became obsession. Soon after, he turned to his classical roots and began recording well-known classical pieces as a symphony of electric guitars. His recordings received recognition from and were listened to by people all over the world. Once in college, Josh found in Kurt the perfect complement to his own musical styling. They spent Josh’s remaining years in school performing, writing, and touring together.

Shortly after graduating from Virginia Tech, the Season hopped a one-way train (actually a 17-foot Uhaul) to Nashville, TN. In Music City, they joined forces with producer Chris Estes to record their first effort under the name the Season. Their self-titled debut includes some of the best songs Parks and Kim have written and played over the past few years.

After releasing the record, they met Jason Jolly who put a fresh spin on their emerging sound. Coming from Russellville, Arkansas, Jason brought with him a style of rhythm inspired by the likes of The Foo Fighters and The Cardigans. The boys bring a fresh appetite to a hungry audience, with a sound forged from 80’s pop and the notes of a piano. Walking in the footsteps of The Cars, Keane, and the Police, the Season creates a classy, yet fun brand of music that leaves you wanting more.


The Season - self titled album (2006)
(Kurtis Solo)
Debut- Something for Everyone (2005)
(formerly known as Temple)
Debut Album - Carved (2002)
Follow up EP- Lights (2003)

Set List

Album Material:

Open Your Eyes
Count On Me
One In A Million
Hold Your Tongue
Where You Are
These Words
Here We Go
For You
The Beauty Has Come
Save You
When It Seems

Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Postal Service