The Seasonal

The Seasonal


The Seasonal is a vocally driven, pop-rock 4 piece featuring 3 part harmonies, catchy hooks and emotionally charged lyrics. Forming in 2009 in Burlington, ON, The Seasonal has exploded onto the scene and is poised to release it's debut Full Length Album "Half Truths & Whole Lies" in May 2010


The Seasonal is a four piece pop/rock outfit from Burlington, ON that doesnt fit any "cookie cutter" consceptions of the pop/rock genre. Ranging from catchy radio-friendly singles to heart-felt ballads, The Seasonal has a little something for everyone. Vocally driven melodies and catchy guitar riffs backed by explosively creative drum fills and driving bass is accentuated by a high-energy stage show. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the Summer 2010 CD Release Tour!


Doable But Difficult (Half Truths & Whole Lies 2010)

Wait For You (Half Truths & Whole Lies 2010)

Half Truths & Whole Lies LP In Post-Production - To Be Released May 2010

Set List

Flexible Set List
Typically 30-50 mins
(All Original Songs By The Seasonal)

Perform Any Of The Following

Doable But Difficult
The Simple Things
Melting Into My Dreams
Still Gone
Wait For You
The Midwest
Talk Of The Town
Anthem Song
You Will Not Be Heard
Paying Penance
Victorious Secret