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First EP entitled "Put Up Shut Up" was released in January of 2009 to a horde of screaming fans. The 3 song EP featuring "Countless Times", "Sin City", and the single "Put Up Shut Up" are setting the Arizona soundscape on fire, with radio and TV just starting to jump on board.



Justin Garza, Jeff Little, Pat Boyle, Jon Colton and the youngest of them all Riley Knapp make up this young talented band The Season Premiere. These guys carry the sound and look of a fresh new generation with the professionalism and talent of a seasoned band. Their style of music is unique in itself as it blends a mix of classic rock and modern day pop rock with a hint of punk mixed into it, with a clash of heartfelt lyrics, combined with extremely catchy hooks that will be embedded into your thoughts. They also bring with them an extremely energetic live show that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Currently under the direction of music business veteran Valentin “a.k.a” Junior, these guys are sure to be the next big thing in the field of music!

Born on June 18, 1989 Justin John Garza, originally from San Jose, California currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with the rest of the band, leads up the vocals in the band The Season Premiere. Justin began singing and performing in church at about the age of 7 years old and has loved it ever since. At his young age he has already helped produce various songs for other artists as well as for his band The Season Premiere. “I love writing lyrics, I feel as though lyrics are the most important aspect of a good song.” Justin stems from a musical family background. His grandmother was a very well known singer in Mexico; she used to sing live on the radio 3 to 4 times a week with her sister. His father, who was also involved with various bands growing up introduced Justin to music and also bought him his first drum set.

Jeff Little, originally from Phoenix, Arizona as most of the other members, takes the lead guitar in the band. Born on September 20, 1988 this 20 yr old is not only a performer but a true songwriter as well. “I love to mesh as many influences of mine as possible, when I write a song; I try to think of all the styles I can to develop the next part of the song.” This young man is able to play several styles of music, such as, punk rock, blues rock, classic rock and of course general rock. Stemming from both parents who played instruments as kids, Jeff’s music journey also began as a child, when he started playing the piano and the trumpet in grade school. He then decided in 6th grade to switch to guitar and has stuck to it ever since. His major influences include: Blink-182 and Slash. He also admires Jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, Tom Petty and the Goo Goo Dolls.

As most of the other members Pat Boyle (born Patrick Boyle), comes from a family with a history of musical background. Born on August 21, 1988, he began playing the guitar at the age of 7 years old when his father had him accompany him on the guitar. Then at the age of 9 years old, his uncle, who plays the drums, bought him a new set of drums. Pat and his two sisters and brother (6 years being the years apart between the oldest and the youngest), all whom play an instrument used to play at their elementary school’s talent show since he was in second grade every year until high school. They would play cover songs without any piped in song clips, playing all the material on their own. Still, till this day the family band plays one show a year.

Come the 8th grade, Pat started playing music with other musicians and found himself playing the drums in a band called The Fury, (of which Jeff Little was also a part of). The project lasted until his junior year in high school, which he then followed by playing guitar in a few projects throughout the rest of that year. He then got together with Jeff Little and decided to start a band that featured more of a pop style. Despite a couple line-up changes and a few brief hiatus’, TSP has consumed his life since the beginning of his senior year in high school. “We are a group of extremely motivated, creative and determined individuals whom are in the process of making our dream a reality.”

Jon Colton, the bass player in the band, was born on August 10, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike the other members of the band, Jon hated playing any instruments until later in his life. He started playing the piano at the age of 5 yrs old because of his parents and was also made to learn to play the saxophone in the 4th grade. He was also forced by friends in his sophomore year in high school to start playing the bass so he could be in their band. “I rapidly grew to love what I formerly hated.” “I relished opportunities to perform and became immersed in the world of music; it’s amazing how fast someone’s mind can change.”

Jon is influenced by a ton of artists. From his original love of Iron Maiden, to his current favorites of Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, and Underoath, to staples like Blink-182 and his so called closet relationship with commercialized rap. “I love anything and everything!”

Born on May 15, 1993, this 15year old drummer is the youngest of the group. Riley Knapp may play the drums in the band, but he is a qui